12 Must Have Automotive Tools List For Workshop

If someone has it own automotive workshop and even if they own a car or for people who want to start their automotive workshop they need some basic to some specific tools.

Automotive Tools List

This article provides information regarding the must-have automotive tools list for the workshop and will be quite useful for a specific type of people.

  1. Code Reader

People usually pay up to 70 bucks to check the problem of the car. But by using this code reader even someone with no knowledge of cars can diagnose the problem.

This reader works on almost every type of car that was built after 1990. All you have to do is to plug the reader who comes in the size of a smartphone to the onboard diagnostic port.

Which s most probably available under the dashboard, near the steering wheel.

  1. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are the most basic thing an automotive workshop should have. Even the toolbox at home should also contain these type of stuff. Screwdrivers come in different shapes and sizes.

They are famous for there shapes, i.e. Flat, Phillips, Allen and Torx. They are usually available in solid forms.

  1. Impact Wrench

If you deal with tight nuts and bolts daily, this tools is a must for you.

An impact wrench makes it easy for you to lose the nuts, now you don’t have to deal with the stubborn bolts.

Compressed air is the power source of the impact wrench. A drive size of half an inch is enough to do all the difficult jobs.

They can handle up to 700 ft. Lb. Torque.

  1. Grinder

Grinders are the basic necessity of an automotive workshop.

If the work does not go according to plan and if a full hole is needed than you might need to use a grinder for that.

Security glasses is a must accessory with the grinder.

  1. Creeper

The car creeper is a mechanic’s bed. When they have to slide down the car, they need a better surface to lie on, otherwise working for them is quite a hell.

You don’t have to use cardboard or your kid’s skateboard. The creeper has a headset to give your head proper comfort.

It gives you the perfect angle to work, and the rotating wheels give you the freedom of moving anywhere quickly.

  1. Automotive stethoscope

It is a routine for the automotive mechanic to deal with the customers complaining about the noises their car is making.

And when the professional diagnose the noise source, people usually get surprised, but the fact is that they use a stethoscope.

But there is a drawback that they can’t find the noise made during the driving.

To find the source of noise the mechanic has to clamp the microphone near to the suspect and make a spin of the vehicle.

Check the car until you find something.

  1. Pliers

Most of the mechanic and even car users know what plier is and they must have noticed that the hand is always in the line of their eyes, when they try to grab the things.

Needle-nose pliers help you with that. Use the plier for the retainers, clamps, and clips.

  1. Ratchet Extender

When you try to work on the engine side, you often need the longer tool to reach some point without disassembling.

On that point, ratchet extension is used, place the ratchet on the extension and attach the rachet on the other end so that you can easily loosen on tightening the bolt.

  1. Vacuum Pump

It is a must-have tool for an automotive workshop. These are used to find the leakage and to test the vacuum-controlled and motors.

The gauge can also be used to find the leak. You can use carb clear around the leaks.

  1. Jack with the stand

For an engineer, it is necessary to have a jack, even if it is for changing the tire. The general motor car users should also have the jack for emergency cases.

If the mechanic has to roll down the car for engine related purpose, they need to have some space below the car so that they can have the proper space.

  1. Hammer

Hammer is the most common yet most vital tool to use in the automotive workshop. Sometimes the grease and the oil accumulation make the car parts stuck.

So to keep those parts out of that car, you need a hammer and to hit something hard is, it will be difficult to do it without a hammer.

  1. Wrecking Bar

A wrecking bar is just a single bar which can be a heavenly gift for the workshop owner and is a necessity for the work.

It is a lever like an object and is used to remove the nails and to force two objects apart.


There are many tools used in an automobile workshop; these are just some important of them.

These are the general need of every workshop owner.

Some tools are the automotive specific, and they should be bought by those who work for those specific cars.

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