15 Reliable C Clamps Reviews 2023 | For Various Applications

C clamp is a vital tool for any woodworking shop. They are widely used by plumbers to fix the bathroom complications, mechanics to assist with the complexity of faulty vehicles, and homeowners.

c clamps

A c-clamp, as the name itself conveys, is a C-shaped tool C that functions as a supporter between two objects since it assists in holding one object to another object.

The significant characteristic of this tool is that it is lightweight and small, which means an individual can easily carry it in a bag while commuting to work.

Moreover, they come in a variety of sizes to fit with different applications.

Nonetheless, before purchasing any tool, it is essential for an individual to examine its durability and if it is a good fit for the nature of their work.

For your convenience, we have selected the best C clamps, each one with its strengths and weaknesses, to suit the demands of your job.

Buyer’s Guide

C-clamps are used for a variety of purposes, ranging from fabrication shops to home renovation projects. They can be seen at home to create a customized furniture piece without any usage of power tools.

Though it may seem a simple tool, but works in the most powerful way that you need to build your DIY masterpieces.

With today’s overwhelming alternative brands available, it has become simple for the individuals to buy a c-clamp that does not cost them arm or leg while working for the long-term.

You might be confused by how to distinguish between high- and low-quality c-clamp for the project?

Below are the essential factors that you must consider before purchasing the tool.


When buying a c-clamp, always consider the versatility and durability. You would require a tool that is reliable to use in the application of a wide range of tasks.

Moreover, look for a cast iron frame c-clamp that ensures the strength of the tool.

While alloy steel is used to produce a c-clamp to maintain its durability and toughness, which makes it an ideal choice for your projects.


Versatility is an essential element after durability before purchasing a c-clamp. The c-clamp should be able to protect materials for gluing, welding, fastening, and assembly.

Check the c-clamp that has a body like wide-opening jaws and turn screw to clamp a range of shapes and adjust pressure.


First, determine the purpose of c-clamps, such as for which purpose you want to use it for?

For instance, will you use it for any automotive, woodworking tasks, or any DIY projects?

After determining the purpose, it would be easy for you to choose the c-clamp that fits the purpose of your project.


Pricing is the most critical factor for some users. The price of any clamp depends on the quality, versatility, durability, and other factors.

The best part is that clamps are not that expensive as you think of them to be.

There are a variety of c-clamps available within $30. However, you may reach $100 to suit the requirements of your work.

Top 15 C Clamps Reviews

Below are the best-shortlisted C-clamps that are available in the market as well as an easy to purchase online through amazon.

To assist you in making the right decision, we have reviewed each C-clamp tool in detail, covering all the different features each offers along with its pros and cons.

Now, let’s have a look at the following reviews:

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers

The irwin c-clamp has wide-opening jaws for a firm grip to glue and assemble the materials. Moreover, it is versatile as it can clamp a range of shapes.

Its installed swivel pads hold tapered work, delicate projects that need to be handled very carefully and fabricating jobs without damaging or affecting the work surface.

The turning screw is installed to adjust the pressure to fit work, which stays adapted for repetitive use.

It is manufactured with high-grade and heat-treated alloy steel to maintain its durability.

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  • Adjustable pressure mechanism
  • Trigger Force for easy locking
  • Wide jaws


  • Average quality
  • No firm grip
  • Not easy to setup

2. Strong Hand Tools Jointmaster Tool

The best feature of this c-clamp is the right angle single-hand clamp, which is only used for corner and T-joints along with the sideboard clamping.

The pivoting head attached in the c-clamp assists the user to adjust it according to different sizes of workpiece thickness.

It can only handle the object, not more than 1 – ¼ inch of thickness. So before considering this option, do ensure for what purpose are you buying this c-clamp.

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  • Lightweight
  • Small in size
  • Not costly


  • Difficult to use
  • Not for welding fabricate
  • Not for heavy materials

3. Festool 491594 Quick Clamp

Festool is a unique brand known for its high quality, it protects your material or object while cutting, routing, and sanding.

It comes with a ratcheting mechanism that enables the user to lock and quickly release for a more efficient workflow easily.

It works perfectly with the channels and holes of the MFT table, which can be inserted into the bottom t-slot of rails for positioning it in various ways.

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  • Very well built
  • Premium Quality
  • Quick to set up


  • Expensive
  • Not for heavy-objects

4. TEKTON 6-Inch C-Clamp

Tekton c-clamp has a greater versatility that secures your objects when assembling, gluing, and welding.

Thus, it is excellent for purposes like woodworking, metalworking, automotive applications. It is manufactured from cast malleable iron frame with an I-beam design that ensures strength.

It comes with an acme-threaded screw that glides smoothly without binding or causing any interruption.

The manufactured swivel jaw pad floats in a low-resistance to apply pressure evenly.

Moreover, the sliding handlebar provides multiple hand positions for user’s easiness and to attain the best leverage.

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  • Low cost
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy


  • Heavy-weight
  • Quality not good
  • Not easy to set up


Integrated with premium double-rolled thread so users can obtain faster clamping along with high durability. It is manufactured from steel to maintain its strength.

It has a large swivel pad that reduces the marring on the work surface. Also, it created stability as it is 25% easier to apply the force.

Moreover, the large handle helps the users to obtain greater clamping pressure but with minimal efforts and decreased hand fatigue.

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  • Robust quality
  • Great clamp
  • Affordable


  • Average quality threaded rod
  • Cheap material used

6. Bessey Malleable Deep Reach C Clamp

Bessey 3 – inches and 4.5-inch-deep malleable deep reach c-clamp is designed for the light tasks and DIY projects. So, it wouldn’t be an ideal choice to use it for furniture or heavy objects.

It comes with a swivel pad that moves freely in 360 degrees to adapt to the various surfaces. It is designed with extra deep throat to allow a range of applications.

More so, it is manufactured with a high tensile plastic body with a forged frame to give it a sturdy structure. It is ideal when the user requires a long reach clamp.

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  • Sturdy
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Worth the price


  • Not for heavy objects
  • Square spindle
  • Not for gluing objects

7. Yost Tools 3″ Malleable Iron C-Clamp

The Yost malleable c-clamps are manufactured from iron and designed in a way so that the user can easily hold parts in place.

It is built for various applications and objects i.e., from woodworking to metalworking.

The rugged clamps are built so it can hold the materials firmly. An I-beam design is used, which ensures durability and greater strength.

The acme threaded screw is manufactured with zinc to provide smooth operation.

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  • Excellent clamps
  • Rugged design
  • Durable


  • Not for heavy objects
  • Poor quality
  • Difficulties in adjusting head

8. Kreg KHC-LARGE Face Clamp

Kreg’s unique c-clamp provides 360 degrees clamping station whichever suits the user.

It is a lightweight tool that should not be used for heavy objects like furniture pieces. It is manufactured from heat-treated steel with nickel plating to give strength and durability.

Since its 6 inches clamp, it is small in size, which could be carried to the workplace easily without any hassle.

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  • Easy to setup
  • Adjusting screws
  • Durable


  • Not firm clamp
  • Small discs attached

9. Shop Fox Aluminum C-Clamp

Shop Fox is manufactured with aluminum to give it a lightweight and robust structure.

The deep 6 inches with 1 5/8 clamping capacity makes it an ideal choice for the users who want to use it for DIY projects and delicate tasks.

Moreover, a non-marking nylon screw pad is installed for a comfortable and secure grip.

Ribbed construction, along with the thick casting, makes the c-clamp light and increases the durability.

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  • Durable
  • Good value
  • Lightweight


  • Low pressure
  • Difficult setup

10. Woodworking 3″ Metal Face Clamps

This is an excellent tool for woodworking projects.

It helps the user to hold the pieces together to make the process hassle-free like woodworking, DIY projects, building projects, and cabinetry.

It has a larger rounder metal surface, unlike common c-clamps that secure the materials and distribute the binding force evenly so you can the perfect result.

It is ideal for materials that are 70mm thick as the ergonomic face clamps will not leave any marks on the wooden surface.

The robust manufacturing of this clamp has made it sturdy and to use it for cumbersome objects.

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  • Firm grip
  • Ergonomic face clamps
  • Strong built quality


  • Not easy to setup
  • Loose rubber sleeves
  • Heavy


Irwin’s high-tech construction provides durability and strength to hold the objects firmly. The special jaws hold the odd-shaped pieces rather than just the common furnished ones.

The ratcheting mechanism assists the users to adjust the clamping pressure according to their work.

The significant minimal hand force makes the user to use it comfortably. The trigger allows quick release for easy positioning.

It is also called a multi-purpose clamp.

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  • Low cost
  • Lightweight
  • Used for small projects


  • Average quality
  • Not easy to setup
  • Not durable

12. BlueCollar C-Clamp Set

Industrial Strength heavy-duty c-clamp is manufactured from cast-iron with a mixture of machined nickel coating the screw for durability, especially during the complicated work.

The coated surface prevents your c-clamp from moisture, rust, and corrosion so that it can last for longer term.

The high-quality engineering used while manufacturing this c-clamp keeps it away from easy bending and allows to warp with reinforcing fins to squeeze more.

It firmly holds the object due to its 2-inch opening.

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  • Easy to setup
  • Optimal clamp pressure
  • Handy


  • Not for irregular pieces
  • Not that strong
  • Not for heavy objects

13. Capri Tools Locking Welding Clamp

It is uniquely manufactured with essential accessories, which include a three-piece welding clamp to prevent metal objects during the welding process.

It consists of an 11-inch c-clamp, which is relatively more massive than the usual ones.

It has sturdy steel jaws that can be adjusted according to the pressure required by the work.

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  • Unique design
  • Well-built
  • Firm grip


  • Loose jaws
  • Not easy to setup
  • Not for heavy objects

14. CAMVATE Universal C-Clamp

Camvate c-clamp is made from aluminum with a mixture of metal and plastic to make it durable and sturdy.

The clamp opens from 3mm to 42mm, which means it cannot be used for chair.

However, it works well with carts, desks, posts, and benches. It provides twelve ¼ inches twenty holes with 3/8 inches 16 thread hole for efficiency in work.

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  • Handy
  • Low cost
  • Sturdy


  • Small in size
  • Not for heavy objects
  • Average quality

15. KOTTO Heavy-Duty C-Clamp Set

Manufactured from nickel-plated alloy with a mix of steel to withstand the effects of corrosive working conditions.

Kotto C-clamp set comes with adjustable screw locks with trigger release to create the pressure.

The opening capacity of jaws is 3.25 inches, which means it can efficiently work on wood joints and body panels while avoiding damages.

This is a perfect tool to shape any irregular material in any shape and size.

Its 11-inch locking quality is a reliable and convenient feature for users who choose to buy c-clamps for home.

Its compact design is excellent for workshop users.

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  • Value purchase
  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Not for heavy objects
  • Built quality low
  • Difficult to setup

Frequently Asked Questions

What are C clamps used for?

It is a type of device used to hold a metal or wood piece to shape and glue them. They are used in, however not limited to, welding and carpentry.

It also used to hold pipelines, furniture pieces, house decoration pieces.

How are C clamps measured?

The size of the c-clamp is measured according to the capacity of its jaw opening.

The higher the capacity, the larger the dimension of object it can accommodate with the screw fully extended.

Also, the depth of the throat matters too, which is the distance from the center of the adjustable screw to the inside frame, as it accommodates the thickness of the object.

The range is from 2 inches to 10 inches.

What are the different types of clamps?

There are a variety of distinct clamps, including:

  • Quick-releasee clamp
  • Bar clamp
  • Flooring clamp
  • Band clamp
  • Toggle clamp
  • Screw clamp

How do you store clamps?

The store clamps are stored by hanging them on the shop walls. It’s quite simple to do. One must drill the holes in the upper part of the caps.

Next, tighten the eye-bolts in the holes by placing nuts on both sides. In the end, attaching them to the clamps.

What kind of clamps do I need for woodworking?

There are various types of clamps available in the market for woodworking ranging from parallel jaw clamp, strap clamp, wood screw clamp, pipe clamp, corner clamp.

How do you use clamps safely?

To use clamps safely without harming yourself, one must follow these three steps.

Step 1: Must remove clamps when the work is done as they serve only as a temporary tool for holding pieces securely.

Step 2: Must oil the light and delicate parts of the clamps to keep the tool maintained.

Step 3: Do not store the clamps in a drawer rather store them in a rack.

Are c clamps weldable?

Yes, they are as they are strong with just holding the ring to the table.

How strong are c clamps?

It depends on the quality of the c-clamps. If they are small, then it might not be strong enough to hold heavy objects.

While the ones with a bit big sizes maintain a holding of heavy objects and shaping the irregular shapes.


Before purchasing a c-clamp for household purpose or workplace, one must examine the price, quality, and most significantly durability and versatility.

If it is for household, then it is advisable to get a premium quality c-clamp, so it does not break down during the welding process.

Thus, make sure to go through the buyer’s guide and the best c-clamps with its specifications before investing in one.

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