15 Car Trash Can to Consider in 2023 | Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean is a habit that cannot be emphasized enough. Aiding that journey is an accessory that we should all have, which is the car trash can.

car trash can

However, not every trash can was made for you. To choose the right one, we have compiled a list that highlights the 15 best products.

Nonetheless, there are a few things you should keep in mind when proceeding to buy the best car trash can.

Buyers guide

As mentioned above, there are some things you should keep in mind when investing in a car trash can.

The points mentioned below will give you a better idea of what you might want to consider when buying a car trash can.

Price and Purpose

Setting a price margin for yourself and designating a purpose to your purchase will give you a sense of direction and narrow down the plethora of options currently available on the market.

Furthermore, this will also enable you to be financially smart.


Each car is different. For those reasons, you’ll have to pay extra attention to the dimensions of the car trash can you get.

The general rule of thumb dictates that the bigger the car, the bigger the trash can you can comfortably fit in.


The capacity of the trash can refers to how much trash it can hold in at any given moment. This factor works in conjunction with the purpose.

If you travel frequently and use the bin often, it’s best to get a can that has a lot of space in it so that you don’t have to empty it often.


The material of the can will dictate how long the product will last you. Though mostly made from plastic, make sure that you get a quality that reflects your needs.

Furthermore, I always make sure that the bin is waterproof.

Top 15 Car Trash Can Reviews

The list mentioned below was compiled after intense scrutiny, and each product was subjected to meticulous attention to detail.

To facilitate you further, we have also inserted the pros and cons of each product.

Without further ado, here are the top 15 best car trash cans!

1. Hanging Car Trash Bag Can

PowerTiger is an essential accessory to have if you’re traveling with your family.

With a 1.85 gallon/7L capacity, this trash-car is leak-proof and has a water-proof interior which makes it optimal for keeping your car clean.

The package comes with straps, making them easier to hang and adjust. Additionally, this product can also be used for other purposes, such as storage.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Adjustable straps
  • Collapsible
  • Water-proof


  • Flop open if unused
  • Not sturdy 

2. BOLTLINK Car Trash Can

The Boltlink is a smart design storage accessory that can also serve as a car trash can.

The can comes with a rubber opening lid with a Velcro seal, making it optimal for storing other sanitary accessories as well.

With an adjustable strap, a bottom hook, and a drawstring cord, the interior of the product is also waterproof and durable, making it optimal for long journeys and vacations.

The product, when not used, can also be folded and stored accordingly.

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  • Foldable
  • Velcro seal
  • Leak-proof vinyl lining


  • Straps not long enough
  • No zipper

3. ZUBA Car Trash Can

This is a small portable trash can that will get out of the way when you’re done with it.

With small dimensions, the Zuba can be stacked and stored wherever you want. The model is quite durable, owing to its integrated lid and silicone construction.

The model is also quite easy to clean. All you have to do is replace the plastic bottom, and you’re good to go.

Overall, this model is a must-have for everyone!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Lightweight
  • Small size
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t hold a lot of trash
  • Has to be cleaned frequently

4. Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can

There’s a decent chance you might have come across this on your television. This model is highly recommended for those individuals who want to keep their cars organized and clean.

Disposable interior plastic bags come with the package which makes it optimal for removing and not holding onto different odors.

This model is quite versatile and can be used for storage as well as holding trash!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Versatile
  • Good package deal
  • Heavy-duty trash liners


  • Needs a better mounting mechanism
  • Not sturdy

5. The Keep it Clean CarBage

This model is a fancy one that is best applicable in settings where you want to include accessories in your car but make them appear as fancy and desirable.

Easy to rinse out, this model is leak proof. The straps on this model ensure that you can virtually hang this wherever you want with pretty simple ease.

Velcro lined opening keep the can sealed as well. The capacity of this model is 2L, making it suitable for long-term use.

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  • Aesthetics
  • Good capacity
  • Looks good!


  • Snap hard to open when driving
  • Buckle further off to the side

6. Zone Tech Portable Car Trash Can

With full garbage capacity and premium design, this model is suitable for travelers and drivers alike.

The model is water-proof, which means that you don’t have to worry about any spill whatsoever.

The bag is elegant and minimalistic and can be stored quite quickly as well.

Owing to these features, this model can also be used for storage purposes and can hold quite a lot of stuff in it, such as toys.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Easy to store
  • Collapsible
  • Versatile


  • Thin plastic strap
  • Small loop for attaching purposes

7. Big Ant Car Trash Bag

If you’re on the road frequently and want a product that you can trust and use with minimalistic ease, this is the one for you.

With a 2.5 gallon capacity, this product is good to have if you don’t want to take out the trash every other day.

Other features about this product that stand out are water-proof material, durability, and adjustable straps.

This makes it easier for it to attach and use while driving.

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  • Adjustable straps
  • Good capacity
  • Versatile


  • Doesn’t hold shape
  • Super light (prone to falling over)

8. Lusso Gear Car Trash Can

The Lusso comes in a variety of different colors, so now you have the option to choose a model that suits the interior of your vehicle best.

The model has three storage options, which make it truly versatile especially when it comes to storing things.

The mechanism involved is lifting the flap and throwing the trash in.

The capacity of the can is 2.5 gallons, making it suitable for long drives.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Nice design
  • Good storage
  • Fits every type of vehicle


  • Straps aren’t versatile
  • The bag isn’t stretchable

9. Yolu Car Garbage Trash Can

If you’re looking for a miniaturized version of the traditional flap bin, this is it.

The small but simple model is recommended for individuals who like to keep things simple and still get the best bang for their buck.

The product comes in three different colors, giving the buyer the option to get the best one that suits their vehicles’ interior.

This product doesn’t hold much trash and is optimal for use if you commute once or twice a day.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable
  • Durability


  • Not recommended for long drives
  • Lids might come off easily

10. High Road StashAway Car Trash Can

With multiple storage options and adjustable straps, this model is recommended for individuals who are heading out for vacations or long drives.

The model is leak-proof and is made of a material that ensures no odor is reflected or accumulated within.

Furthermore, this model can also be fit and adjusted wherever you may like due to its compact and comfortable size.

The model is also designed for stability and durability.

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  • Easy to use
  • Additional storage
  • Strong material


  • Spring lock isn’t effective
  • Flops a bit

11. KMMOTORS Car Garbage Bin

The leak-proof trash bag by KMMOTORS is a simple investment that will serve the purpose it’s laid out for.

With a leak-proof mechanism, this bin ensures that all your trash is kept separately and doesn’t let off any odors.

The product has adjustable straps, going up to 23cm, making them easier to latch onto anything you want.

Furthermore, this model is quite versatile and can also be used for the storage of other goods when heading out for a long drive.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Additional Straps
  • Multifunctional
  • Highly durable


  • Plastic bags aren’t included
  • Might cause discomfort for rear passenger

12. ROYAMY Car Trash Can

If you’re heading out and want a product that lasts you all the way, the ROYAMY is the one to go with.

With a 2.65 gallon capacity, the model is made with 600D nylon material and has 100% Leakproof Vinyl internal lining.

Additionally, this model also has adjustable straps and owing to its capacity; it can be used for a multitude of different reasons.

The model also has two mesh pouches, which can be used for storing sanitary accessories.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Collapsible
  • Large capacity
  • Closable lid


  • Interferes with leg space
  • The odd smell on arrival

13. IPELY Car Garbage Bag

If you’re looking for something flexible and easy to get out of the way, you might be interested in the IPELY.

The model is manufactured using high-quality Oxford Material, resulting in excellent durability and strength of the model.

Additionally, the model can be used for different purposes as well such as storage and organizing things.

Furthermore, this model is also quite easy to clean and wash out, making it optimal for frequent use.

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  • Adjustable tightening belt
  • Washable
  • Good durability


  • Mouth is pretty tight
  • Fills pretty quickly 

14. Hominize Car Trash Can

The Hominize is a simple model that you can hang in the back of your seat. The model has the highest storage capacity in the list, standing tall at 3.2 gallons.

This means that it gives excellent storage value and can be used for situations that involve long-distance driving.

Additionally, this model is also quite flexible and convenient to use. Aided with adjustable straps, these can be hooked anywhere you want.

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  • Great capacity
  • Waterproof
  • Lining easy to clean


  • Not sturdy
  • No Velcro tabs

15. YIOVVOM Car Trash Can

The YIOVVOM is a simple trash can that is versatile in its usage to the degree that it’s acceptable to have one in your car at any given time.

Since the working mechanism of this is literally as that of a regular trash can, these models are used for more practical scenarios.

However, the elegant design feature common to most car trash cans isn’t present here, making it suboptimal for those who want to make sure that their car looks good while at it.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Classical outlook
  • Strong
  • Highly practical and simple


  • Needs to be cleaned routinely
  • Fragile lid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of having a car trash can?

Car trash can’s primary purpose is to serve as a hub for all the waste in your car that you need to throw in.

Instead of throwing stuff here and there, or outside the window, the trash can is there to accommodate any item that you need to get rid of.

However, if you’re not using it for trash, they can be used for virtually holding in whatever you want.

What material is car trash can made of?

Different car trash cans are made of different materials.

However, the general material in the market which is used for the mass production of car trash cans is plastic.

This owes the can a lot of useful properties, such as being lightweight and ease of maneuverability.

How do I choose the right type of car trash can?

Choosing the right type of car trash can be best summed up by referring to the buyer’s guide above.

However, the main thing to keep in mind is the particular purpose you might require a trash can for.

If you have a bigger car or travel frequently, there’s a decent chance you might need a can that’s bigger than the standard size.

How do I keep my car clean?

The simple rule of thumb is never to let any sort of dirt or garbage accumulates in the car.

This means you’ll have to frequently clean your car and ensure all the trash and useless stuff is thrown out.

Additionally, make sure that all spilled liquid is attended to accordingly.

Is keeping a trash can in a car worth it?

In simple words, yes. Keeping a car trash can is worth it, and it is so based on several merits.

No one wants to sit in a car that smells bad or has a lot of junk in it.

Owning a car trash can will give you an easy way of ensuring that your car always stays clean.

What are the downsides of car uncleanliness?

There are several technical downsides of car uncleanliness.

The most basic one is discomfort and unpleasant driving time.

However, the important factor to account for is that the resale value of the car is likely to decrease a lot if the buyer finds the car in a state of mess.

How do I get rid of the bad odor in the car?

For starters, the best way to do that is by ensuring that your car is clean and does not have any spilled liquid or junk in the back.

Open all the windows, all the way down, and use an air freshener.

If you’re in a hurry, you can also sprinkle some deodorant in the back.

Always make sure that air is flowing through the car and isn’t stagnant.

How often should I clean my car trash can?

That depends entirely on you.

As mentioned above, if you travel frequently and/or travel with kids, then there’s a decent chance your car trash can gets filled up pretty quickly.

This would demand that you clean up your car every three or four days.

However, the upper threshold should always be a week, with no exceptions whatsoever.


Getting the right trash can for yourself is your call. Make sure never to rush your decision and always choose a product you’re satisfied with.

If you like or own something in the list mentioned above, do mention it in the comment section below.

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