12 Best Electric Hand Planers Reviews 2023 | Finest & Smooth Cut

For resurfacing and straightening wood stock easily and quickly, these are the perfect handy tools that should be a part of your toolbox.

electric hand planers

If you haven’t used one before, the following buyer’s guide is going to be a blessing for you.

Buyer’s Guide

These are some handy tips you should look for your guidance and help.

Focusing on these features will help you choose the best electric hand planer for yourself.


This is one of the most critical factors you must look up to before any other thing.

It is the best starting point because it is not an everyday product plus it costs way more than the routine products so you should choose wisely; one at a cheap rate with the best features.

You should set aside a budget before as it will narrow your choice of options and will save you time.


A poor quality hand planer is the last thing you need. You need one that lasts an extended period and is rough and tough.

A planer is a tumble tool and should be durable and heavy-duty.

Consistency and Heat Resistance

Your electric hand planer should be consistent and entirely in contact with your working surface. Moreover, it should be able to handle the heat; otherwise, your hand can get burned.

You should always make sure that the model you bought is cast with metal plates because they can maintain their shape better in a rough heated environment than a stamped metal one.


The purpose you’re going to use it for is essential. Small underpowered planers work just fine on softwoods but have difficulty getting traction on denser hardwoods.

Cutting hardwood is a problem with small underpowered planers; it will put additional stress on your tool.

If you underinvest your money and don’t look for the real purpose you were doing, then it will just waste money plus will add up to your costs of just replacing it again.


You can invest extra to get buffed out power and speed. Speed matters a lot in getting clean cuts and smooth resurfacing.

Check the speed of the hand planer before you settle on buying it.

Top 12 Electric Hand Planers Reviews

Below are the top 12 electric hand planers that are amongst the best ones you can get.

Choose the one that suits your requirements and enjoy your woodwork.

1. DEWALT Hand Planer DW680K

This product is simple and easy to use for practical woodwork.  Dewalt hand planer is a 7.0 Amp motor that gives the finest and smooth cut for hardest woods.

It has the feature of reversible carbide blades for further details and precise woodwork. The precision- machined shoe help to give a balanced and accurate square rabbet joint along with a flat smooth finish.

The Planer comes with a rabbeting fence, two reversible carbide blades, and a rugged carrying case.

It also has a Calibrated Depth adjustment knob for setting the depth and also has a feature to use large re-sharpenable steel blades for even application.

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  • Durable
  • High accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Accepts reversible carbide blades


  • The case does not have sufficient space for the blades
  • Low  in quality
  • Do not have an efficient dust collector

2. Bosch 12V Max Hand Planer

The Bosch GHO12V-08N is built with a balanced design that is easily operated for the compact cordless planer. It is the first 12-volt max planer that smoothly removes stock in the market.

The Planer contains an EC Brushless motor that delivers efficient operations with the 14500 RPM. It has a long runtime as its cordless Planer runs up to 33ft of planing per battery amp-hour (Ah).

The Planer has a significant capacity that allows 0.08 inch of depth from single-pass planning and can make rabbets of a limit of 0.7 inches.

The Bosch 12V Max Planer doesn’t come with the battery and charger. These are sold apart from the Planer.

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  • Easy-to-handle
  • Cordless
  • Efficient battery timing
  • Compact design and perfect quality


  • Can be used for light-duty only
  • Short span battery life
  • The kickstand is not effective

3. TACKLIFE 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer

Tacklife is built with 7.5 Amp, 900W most exceptional pure copper motor, which leads to high power with an efficient performance at work.

The features that are included are, blades rotated at 16000rpm, per minute 32,000 smooth cuts. It comes with durable blades of 65 manganese steel.

That works for all types of wood relating works. It also has an adjustable cutting depth.

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  • Efficient power
  • User-friendly
  • Double blades of 65 manganese steel
  • Affordable
  • Easy to control while working


  • Duster bag is useless
  • It is a little noisy
  • Don’t have an option of bevel adjustments

4. Makita XPK01Z 18V Cordless Hand Planer

The XPK01Z providers 14,000 RPM and has a fast stock removal. The planes are wide up to 3.1/ 4 and deep 5/64 deep in a single pass.

It gives a smooth finish and excellent performance as it has a two-blade cutter head with double edge carbides blades. It weighs only 7.4 lbs.

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  • Low weight
  • Double edge carbides blades
  • Easy to handle
  • Heavy-duty Planer


  • Low-quality performance
  • Does not have a case with Planer
  • Low on power

5. Ryobi HPL52K Corded Hand Planer

The product has an adjustable feature of depth for efficient results. It is easy to use, as it comes with a grip zone on mold, which helps in handling the Planer in slippery conditions.

It has a lock-off button for the safety of customers. The planer has dual exhaust ports on it for increasing the efficiency in work, and it also comes with a rear-mounted kickstand.

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  • Dual exhaust ports
  • Lock-off button for safety
  • Low cost
  • Includes a kickstand


  • Small catch bag
  • Short life span
  • Has an issue with the start button


This product has a heavy-duty 6 Amp motor for smooth and accurate work performance.

It comes with dual side dust extraction feature, which helps extraction from both sides of Planer that increases productivity.

The Planer has an over-mold depth knob that has ten positive steps. It gives a more excellent hold on the control and depth settings.

The planers also come along two carbide cutting blades, one wrench, one dust bag, one edge guide, and a kit bag.

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  • Double blade
  • Easy to use
  • Dust bag included
  • Lightweight Planer


  • Short life span
  • Depth control knob does not have a lock
  • Low quality of Planer

7. WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer

The WEN 653has a 6 amp motor that allows the power planer to perform per minute 340000 cuts at the workplace, giving it the finest and smooth.

Sixteen positive stops increase the efficiency of the Planer. It works 1/128 inch, from 0 to 1/8 inches. The fitting and square boards are accurately performed due to 3.1/4 inch of width cutting and 1/8 inch of depth cutting.

It is easy to use as it is light weighted up to a mere 6 pounds. A v-shaped groove is insulted in the base of plate shoe that allows flatting the sharp corners effortlessly.

The WEN 6530 power planer pack also has a dust bag, a rabbeting guide, a parallel fence bracket, and a kickstand.

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  • V-shaped grooves
  • Handle and light weighted
  • Not noisy at all
  • Includes parallel fence basket and kickstand


  • Adjustment knot not placed rightly
  • Poor dust collection
  • Has low-quality floor plates

8. Bosch 3-1/4 Inch Hand Planer PL2632K

The jointer planer has a poor of 6.5 Amp and the 16500 Rpm speed for quick stock removal and the most beautiful cutting of all types of woods.

The weight of the Planer is 6.3lbs only, which helps to perform to its full capacity with increased and better performance.

The electric Planer has an ambidextrous lock-off release button that is the first power tool with this feature in the market. This helps to prevent accidental starts.

Another feature of the Planer is a spring-loaded stand, which supports the toll resting spot and protects the blades.  To increase the accuracy, the Planer has aluminum front and rear shoes that work perfectly together.

The sizeable high-speed steel blades can be used in the Planer as it has a converting system of a two-blade hand plane.

The Bosch planer has a dual mount guide fence. Therefore, it can mount on both sides of the Planer.

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  • Powerful motor
  • First-ever ambidextrous lock-off release button
  • Handle tool
  • Dual mount guide fence
  • Includes a converting system to use other sizeable blades


  • Planer does not entirely fit in the case
  • The shoe surface of Planer is not leveled
  • Adjustment knobs are inefficient 

9. VonHaus 7.5 Amp Electric Hand Planer

The VonHaus has a powerful motor of 7.5 Amp that allows us to professionally do all the tasks from fixing wood to correcting splinters and misshapen edges.

It is a perfect hand planer for quality woodwork. The Planer has tremendous and fast speed, 33000 cuts per minute.

It has a feature of guide fence, depth adjustment dial, both sides dust extraction, and adjustable base plate for effective productively.

The package of Planer also includes 2X replacement blades and a kickstand for the safety of blades.

It is a handle planer as it is built with auxiliary handle and ergonomic soft-grip handle plus a switch for lock off.

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  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Fast speed cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Package includes 2x replacement blades and kickstand


  • The irregular cutting edge of blades
  • Inefficient battery timing last only 1 hour
  • Costly product 

10. Goplus Electric Wood Hand Planer

The Goplus Electric Wood Hand Planer is built with rigid die-cast aluminum housing; this raises the durability of Planer.

It also has a sturdy foot base that allows smooth and safe work. It can be used for various projects, as it is suitable for an elegant finish, chamfering, and rabbets all types of wood.

The Planer’s efficiency is ten times more than the manual Planer. It gives a smooth and fine surface after the performance.

The electric wood planer is designed with a contoured top handle and suitable trigger switch for easy use of Planer.

The package of Planer also includes a blade sharpener and an instructions guide.

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  • Ten times fast than manual Planer
  • Handle
  • Suitable for different projects
  • The option of changing blades


  • Product pieces have inefficient quality
  • The adjustment knob is a tricky set
  • Less powerful

11. SKIL PWRCore 20 Brushless Hand Planer

This product has a 20v motor for efficient performance and woodwork.

It is built with an automatic PWR jump changer, which chargers the battery in five minutes, this result is increased productively and quick work.

The Planer has a PWR core of 20 lithium battery that increases the running life by 25%. It has a feature of the brushless motor that helps to deliver up to 14000 Rpm, also giving ideal work results.

The SKIL comes with a kickstand the bits of help to avoid the scratching finish of blades and supports the onboard wrench storage.

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  • 5-minute charge
  • PWR core of 20 lithium battery
  • Kickstand included
  • Efficient battery timings


  • Tricky to handle
  • Quite heavy in weight
  • Chip blowing system needs upgrades

12. Makita 1002BA Hand Planer

The Makita is a robust planter with 9.6 Amp motor, that can be used for making arches and arcs on timber and while working on scarfs in logs.

The Planer has a 15000 RPM, which helps to increase efficiency. The Planer has notching out logs at 12.5/8 curved radius.

It has a feature of large ejection chute for chip discharge of a high rate. For easy and effective operator control, the front and rear grips are built in the Planer.

To increase productivity and for the continuous work, the lock-on button is also insulted in the Makita.

The Planer is designed with large two handles for maximum grip while using the equipment.

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  • Practical in use
  • Best for curved base work
  • Lock-on button insulted
  • Maximum control form large two handles


  • Cap screws are not fully tightened
  • Costly Planer
  • Low-quality blades 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric hand planers good?

Yes, they are outstanding because they help shape the wood using muscle power to cut the wooden surface.

This helps reduce the chances of accidents and too many efforts by that worker.

Doing it electronically helps them and serves their purpose.

Can you use a planer as a jointer?

Both are used for the same purpose of building furniture and other wood projects that need correct dimensions. Both of them are used to mill wood.

It can be used as a jointer, too, because both of them are used to flatten both pieces of wood.

What’s the difference between a jointer and a planer?

A jointer is used to make a piece of wood flat perfectly with no roughness on it by removing warps and twists on the board.

On the other hand, after a jointer does the process, a planer is used onboard to a consistent thickness and perfectly parallel sides of each other. This is how it is usually done.

Can you use a table saw as a planer?

Yes, you can use a table saw as your Planer because the final wood should be clean and straight.

But when working with wood, it tends to move, warp, and bend as the tension is released from the material, so you should choose the table saw.

Can you put MDF through a planer?

Yes, MDF can be planed. There are very few complaints that MDF is causing damage to a planer blade, such as chips. It can be done.

Do I need a thickness planer?

Yes, you do need a thickness planer. It serves with various functions that are going to benefit you.

Ensures consistent thickness with smooth flat surfaces. It is different from a planer, or jointer, where the cutter head is set into the bed surface.

What you need is what you desire; what you expect in terms of quality only then this question can be raised whether you need it or not.

If you do need it, then it will serve with such benefits that fit your purpose.

What is the use of a wood planer?

Its primary function is to smooth the surface of the wood. It is used for tampering wood. Rough end grains on a piece of wood are smoothened through this tool.

In simple words, it is a tool related to woodworking through which boards of thickness and completely flat can be produced.

It can reduce the stock down to the exact thickness you need.

Do you need a wood planer?

Woodworkers need to have. Most people have a perception of buying both a planer and a jointer to get the most amazing results by getting the most out of rough lumber.

But Planer is more critical than a jointer.

Woodworkers can gain more than that with a jointer. It enables a second face of a board to look parallel to the other.

It is designed to shape, flatten, and finish larger boards or surfaces.

What is the difference between a thicknesser and a planer?

A planer is a thicknesser.

Basically, in simple words, you put aboard into the planer to make it thinner, which you already have flattened by either using a hand planer or a jointer.

On the other hand, the Planer will also make the rough side both smooth, and parallel to each other.


We hope that our buyer’s guide is helpful, and you have a clear idea about what to look for in an electric hand planer.

Also, we are sure that you’ll find the perfect one for yourself amongst our top picks.

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