15 Best pH Testers Reviews 2023 | For Accurate Reading

In today’s dynamic world, you may find many measuring gadgets that test the pH level. However, there are only few that live up to the standard.

pH Testers

People have started to find pH meters very useful than a strip tester.

The meter gives an accurate reading and doesn’t leave any room for doubt.

The features of the meter vary with the brand. Each brand has its unique feature.

Top 15 pH Testers Reviews

Since we have studied the factors needed to be considered before purchase, now it is time to study the best PH tester that suits your requirements.

Let’s have a look at the reviews of 15 best pH testers that we have compiled for you:

1. Apera Instruments SX620 pH Pen Tester

The Apera Instruments SX620 pH Pen Tester is highlighted with a dependable pH/temp, estimating execution with a solitary catch task in a thin body.

A perfect decision for your customary fluid pH testing, including hydroponics, water treatment, pools, spas, instructive purposes, drink making, cooling towers, body liquid (salivation, pee), and so on.

The thin pH test is appropriate for test tube estimating and is even replaceable with the end goal that you don’t need to dispose of the entire meter when the test is matured.

Simple Auto Calibration (3: 4.00, 7.00, 10.01) and 0 to 60˚C Auto Temperature Compensatio n (ATC).

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  • Compact in size
  • Suitable for test tubes
  • Automatic power-off


  • Non-moisture resistant

2. Apera Instruments pH Pocket Tester

The Apera Instruments PH60 Premium Pocket pH Tester is intended for dependable and simple pH observing for a wide range of standard water arrangements.

For example, in your hydroponics, aquaculture, pools, spas, water treatment, cooling towers, ecological checking, refreshment making, and so on.

The meter accompanies a replaceable glass globule test (PH60-E) for fluid’s pH trying.

It is likewise perfect with three other pH tests and an ORP test which is sold separately for various applications. For example, solid samples and surface test.

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  • High-quality replaceable glass
  • LCD attached


  • Might not give accurate readings for refined water

3. Dr.meter PH100-V 0.01 pH Meter

The Dr.Meter pH-100 is a handheld and ultimate measure for accuracy. The pH meter that estimates pH estimation of water or arrangement.

It has been broadly utilized in the domain of hydroponics, instruction, water treatment, and swimming pools.

This meter has ATC (automatic temperature pays) for precise readings in fluctuating temperatures.

Details: Measuring range: 0-14 pH Resolution: 0.01 Batteries: 4x 1.5V LR44 catch cell (AG13) Working temperature: 0-50°C (32-122°F).

It is great for laboratory applications as you can use in the lab experiments. The package includes carrying case well which is lightweight with the handled design for convenience.

The small display will simultaneously show you the pH value and temperature without any difficulty.

It shows highly accurate and reliable readings. Hence, it is one of the best ph meters for lab use.

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  • Reliable readings
  • Comes with additional batteries


  • Takes time to read

4. VANTAKOOL Digital Meter 0.01 PH

The VantaKool is among the best aquarium ph meter. The computerized pH meter has an auto temperature pay highlight that changes with water temperatures and water quality to give pH readings right away.

You can align the pH water analyzer with one-touch catch utilizing VANTAKOOL Buffer Powder.

The pocket-size PH Meter is the perfect test pack for home and research center employment. Perfect use to test for water, pools, aquariums, spas, hydroponics, nourishment, wine and beer making.

There is no compelling reason for you to stress over the temperature of testing fluid, as this pH water analyzer has implicit (ATC) programmed temperature pay, with the goal that it can precisely decide pH estimation of the example at any temperature in a scope of 0°C – 80°C (32°F – 176°F).

If the VantaKool advanced pH meter does not align, at that point, you need to clean the anode with refined water, at that point smear the water that secured on the cathode by channel paper.

For the alignment strategy for 6.86 support powder, put the entire bundle of 6.86 powder into a cleansed 250 mL of glass measuring utensil, include 250 mL of deionized water to the beaker powder, mix until the point that the powder has disintegrated, at that point squeeze onetime adjustment key.

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  • Fast and accurate
  • Sensitive electrode sensor


  • Do not overuse calibrating solutions

5. HM Digital TDS-4 Pocket Size Tester

This TDS analyzer is perfect for all water sanitization applications, wastewater control, aquaculture, hydroponics, and colloidal silver.

It has ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) with advanced microchip innovation that will automatically adjust to the temperature and give you an accurate result.

The Sleek structure of the TDS-4 is ideal for individual or business use and antacid batteries included.

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  • Slim design
  • Hold function


  • Expensive

6. Apera Instruments PH20 pH Tester Kit

These are ranked one of the best ph meters for lab use.

The PH20 Value pH Tester is intended for a wide range of standard pH test applications, including hydroponics, pools and spas, water treatment, aquariums, aquaculture, beer brewing, winemaking, cooling towers, and so on.

Up to 3 points of auto and adjustment of 0 to 50˚C Auto temperature pay (ATC), ±0.1 pH Accuracy with 0 to 14.0 pH estimating range that adjusts with your environment’s temperature.

Acknowledgment and auto. The sign of stable readings spares you the inconvenience of think about when to physically hold estimation.

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  • Auto-recognition
  • Apera quality pH sensor
  • Auto temperature


  • Cannot be stored in deionized water

7. HM Digital PH-80 Digital Meter

The PH-80 is a financially estimated, solid pH meter otherwise known as pH pen or pH analyzer that is perfect for testing applications.

For example, hydroponics and planting, pools and spas, aquariums and reef tanks, water ionizers, drinking water, boilers, and cooling towers, wastewater, and the sky is the limit from there.

The PH-80 estimates pH and Temperature which incorporate one-contact programmed advanced calibration, water safe body, synchronous temperature show, smooth, lightweight plan, an expansive LCD show, Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

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  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight design
  • Digital LCD display


  • Relatively expensive

8. SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester

This test tube testing gadget is compact that comes with a single button operation and a small pen-style design. You can carry it anywhere in your pocket.

It is installed with auto-calibration and auto temperature compensation that gives the surety in variant temperatures.

It comes in a complete kit that incorporates batteries and portable carrying bag.

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  • pH probe invalidation reminder
  • Accuracy
  • Auto buffer recognition


  • No backlight on the screen

9. Pancellent Water Quality Test Meter

This pH meter is best for water testing. The Pancellent TDS pH meter set is a unique meter that tests water level.

You can test the swimming pool at your home or water pipelines as well. It can be used for pure water production as well as drinking water.

The lock function makes it easy for the users to read and record accurately without leaving any room for mistakes.

It has a 5-minute auto shut off benefit that would ensure for the battery to work for long hours.

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  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Auto calibration
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Too sensitive

10. PH Meter with Automatic Calibration

The pH meter shows the simple measurement with no additional tedious paper strips or other off base pH test synthetic substances.

The gadget is a computerized pH analyzer which will enable you to test your fluid rapidly and precisely inside ±0.01 pH – regardless of what your fluid is or whether you are fresh in this field or an experienced client.

You no longer need to take care about the temperature of testing fluid, as 7Pros meter has implicit (ATC) programmed temperature remuneration, with the goal that it can precisely decide pH estimation of the example at any temperature in a scope of 0°C – 80°C (32°F – 176°F).

It is one of the best aquarium pHs.

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  • Quick results
  • Ideal for household
  • Easy to use


  • Relatively expensive 

11. BLACK FRIDAY Digital PH Meter

Several people use the Black Friday PH Tester. It has a digital meter. It is widely used in households, water, pools, aquariums, wine, juices, food, spans, hydroponics and beer making.

It is very light weighted. It is portable; you can take it from place to place whenever wherever you want.

It doesn’t require single PH strips or PH drops to work.

You have to remove the cap from the electrode and put the PH tester into the water. The electrode will do fast measurement and show you accurate results.

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  • It is light weighted
  • It is portable
  • It is easy to use
  • Doesn’t require PH strips or drops


  • Does not keep the PH calibrated
  • Most users complained display not working properly

12. Complete Water Test Kit with TDS Meter

This single TDS Meter is capable of taking ten tests. With this TDS Meter, you can compute the PH test, chlorine, bacteria, water hardness, pesticides test, iron, Alkalinity, copper, coliform test.

It meets the EPA standards. You can use it in your homes, laborites or anywhere you would like to use. It is used by professionals also.

It shows the result efficiently and accurately.

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  • One device takes ten tests
  • It meets EPA standards
  • Money back guarantee


  • Many users complained that its parts were missing
  • It is very expensive

13. Hanna Combo pH/EC/TDS/C/PPM Tester

Hanna Combo PH tester is waterproof. If dropped in water, it will work perfectly fine.

It is capable of turning off automatically when it is not in use to save the battery of the tester. It features replaceable electrodes to extend the period and to keep it maintained.

It features ATC automatic temperature compensation eliminates the need for extra calculations. It automatically calibrates the PH.

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  • Auto Calibration
  • Replaceable electrodes
  • Features ATC
  • Waterproof


  • Several users complained that its useless
  • It is very expensive 

14. Apera Instruments PH60S Premium Tester

This product is very durable and reliable. Many customers like Apera Instruments PH testers. It comes with a complete kit. It has a large display screen.

It features auto compensation, backlight, auto-calibration, replaceable probe, higher accuracy and range, and self-diagnoses.

It is portable. It comes in a rugged casing. This PH tester shows very accurate results.

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  • Durable and reliable
  • Portable
  • Accurate and fast results
  • Replaceable electrodes
  • Auto calibration


  • It is very expensive 

15. Bluelab 716441 Combo Meter

It is a large device. It is easy to carry. It features the auto-shutoff if the device is not in use. It is very light weighted.

The display of this product is large and clear.

The results are fast and accurate. No calibration required for conductivity and temperature. Simple and successful PH calibration.

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  • A light weighted product
  • Accurate and fast results
  • Auto shutdown
  • Portable


  • It is very expensive
  • Low-quality probes
  • Users complained device stopped working in 3 months

Buying Guide

Before purchasing the pH meter, you should consider these 5 essential factors. These include:


Calibration is when you achieve the results with pH buffer solutions.

The usual type of buffers available in the market are 4, 7 and 10 that are coded red, blue and yellow.

While purchasing, consider the meter that uses 2-point calibration. This will measure the accurate results for acidified food.

If you buy 3-point or 5-point it would increase the range of pH.


The accuracy of the pH meter depends on the range. Meters commonly range from ±0.1 pH to ±0.001 pH. Among which ±0.01 is an ideal choice for quality research.

However, a pH meter with ±0.10 is considered to be affordable for students.


This measures the concentration of hydrogen ions. When it comes to pH meter, purchase the ones which have a low-cost replacement of electrode bulbs. Or, it can cost you.


This is the most significant factor that can affect the pH meter.

For an accurate result, the calibration should match the same temperature. Some advanced pH meters would have automatic temperature compensation.


Where will you use your pH meter?

The best advice for you is to consider the pH meter that is compact in size for convenience. Also, meters that can float in water can be considered as they are durable and waterproof.

You can also consider benchtop meter if you want to use in a laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pH tester do?

A PH tester measures the hydrogen ion activity also known as acidity or alkalinity.

It measures the acidity using its electrodes. It measures the voltage (electrical potential) produced by the solution.

The electrodes are inserted in water or any other given solution, and then it measures the acidity. It shows the results of PH on the display screen of the device.

Do pH strips expire?

Yes, PH strips do expire. The expiry date of PH strips is given on the bottom of the bottle.

However, if they are stored in a safe place properly, then it can last for approximately 3 or 4 months

How can I test my pH meter?

Take off the electrode cap from PH meter. Turn on the PH meter it will automatically calibrate itself.

When the calibration is complete. Insert the PH meter in a given solution to check its acidity or PH levels.

The PH meter depending on its measurement speed will measure the PH. After measuring it will display the results on the device screen

How do pH levels work?

The PH meter reads the levels of acid and base. The scale starts from 0 and goes up to 14. The neutral PH level is 7.

The PH level which is less than 7 is acidic, and the PH level which is greater than 7 is basic.

How accurate is pH paper?

If you want accuracy from one PH to two than PH paper is great.

It is great for good qualitative work. The PH paper shines from one side if the PH levels differ from one another.

How long do pH test strips last?

If the PH strips are stored in a safe place properly, then it can last for approximately 3 or 4 months.

The expiry date of PH strips are given on the bottom of the bottle.

What is Hydrion pH paper?

Hydrion PH paper is a series of different colors. When the PH level changes the color changes accordingly on the Hydrion paper.

What do the colors on the pH strips mean?

Each color defines a different PH level on the strips when its inserted into the solution.

Why is it important to calibrate the pH meter?

Modern PH meters automatically calibrates itself when turned on while some PH meters don’t.

Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the PH meter to get fast and accurate results while measuring the PH.

Why does the pH scale range from 0 14?

The pH scale ranges from -infinity to +infinity.

There is no reason, in principle, that you cannot have negative pH values or values > 14. The neutral PH level is 7.

The PH level which is less than 7 is acidic, and the PH level which is greater than 7 is basic.

The concentration of H+ and OH- ion is the same when the PH level is neutral.

Are pH strips accurate?

There are a variety of PH strips available in the market. It is an easy method to measure PH levels.

The PH strips are accurate and very cheap. But it is said that the PH meters are more accurate while measuring the results of PH.

It can display the accurate number of PH in the solution. In PH strips it is hard to recognize colors unless you are a professional.

How do you read a pH strip?

The neutral PH level is 7. The PH level which is less than 7 is acidic, and the PH level which is greater than 7 is basic.

The concentration of H+ and OH- ion is the same when the PH level is neutral. The PH strips show a variety of color. Each color defines a different PH level on the strips when its inserted into the solution.

A color card is given to check the color of PH strip to measure the color and find the result by matching the color with the color card.

However, It is hard for most users to distinguish the difference between colors.


Once you know how to read the figures accurately, it becomes a useful gadget in your life.

The process of calibrating seems difficult, but once you understand it carefully, it’s very simple.

It can be used in various applications such as aquariums, pools and more.

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