10 Best Pipe Clamps Reviews 2023 | Effortless to Use

Pipe clamps are a piece of essential equipment to a whole host of professions.

pipe clamps

Plumbers, carpenters, welders, and homebuilders all have to be on the lookout for the best quality pipe clamp made of the most durable materials.

Pipe clamps have limitless potential to hold onto workpieces and other construction materials through a firm grip of their jaws.

Pipe clamps serve their best purpose when used to keep objects at a fixed position before you can work on them.

Pipe fixing depends on pipe clamps to be durable and long-lasting. Any compromise on pipe clamp quality can cause many problems to your structure.

For this reason, we have compiled the best pipe clamps, and we have here all you need to get the perfect set of clamps from the market.

Buyer’s Guide

There are various types and sizes of pipe clamps available in the market.

Read on to know the essential features a pipe clamp should have as well as the different types and best quality of pipe clamps available in the market today.


It is of vital importance that your pipe clamps stand the test of time.

The pipe clamp should never break or crack when put under pressure and should last without any trouble for a long time.

Moisture Resistance

Your pipe clamp of choice must be safe from rust and water damage. A rusty leaking clamp can be a homeowner’s nightmare.

Also, a rusty clamp can snap or break at a crucial time leading to incalculable damage.

The clamp should be made of the highest quality of moisture resistant steel to ensure that rust doesn’t set in anytime in the future.

Diameter Size

Before buying your pipe clamp, you should be fully aware of the diameter of the pipes you will be working with.

Pipe clamps are available in a variety of diameter sizes and can be used for the same size diameter of piping.

Commonly available diameter sizes for clamps used in woodworking are ½ or ¾.


The clamp should hold steady while you are working without any looseness or wobbling in the fitting. Whatever the type of surface it is which you are working on.

Whether regular or irregular. The pipe clamp you choose should hold your project steady firmly and stably.


A good quality pipe clamp should not be so heavy that it feels like you are weight lifting. Especially when so many pipes are overhead or in awkward places.

Make sure the pipe clamp you end up choosing is made of lightweight and durable material. For example, aluminum is strong while also being accessible to live and work with.

Clamping Surface

When buying a pipe clamp, especially for woodworking or welding projects, its best to purchase one with a soft clamping surface.

This means that there will be minimum friction and damage to your pipe or joinery project while it is being clamped.

The clamp should be tight enough to hold your project in place without having to protect your materials against scratches or breaks.

Material and Quality

A good quality pipe clamp should be made up of the highest quality of materials. These should be demonstrably strong and durable but lightweight and easy to handle.

Pipe clamps should also be moisture and lightweight


Top-quality brands have many clamps that are adjustable to compensate for the different sizes and shapes of pipes that need to be held together.

The more flexible a pipe clamp is, the more use you can get out of it without having to buy a specific clamp for every odd shape, unusual design, or change in material that needs to be joined.


A manufacturer’s guarantee comes in handy when something goes wrong with your purchase.

The best option is always to have a lifetime warranty for the items you purchase.

When buying a pipe clamp, always make sure that the manufacturer is offering a full warranty.

Be sure to follow the factors mentioned above before buying your pipe clamp.

Remember that a good pipe clamp should meet your requirements and should be strong, durable, flexible as well as being affordable.

Top 10 Pipe Clamps Reviews

To make it easier for you to choose the best most effective pipe clamp, we have compiled a list below. This comprises of the most durable and stable clamps available in the market.

Read on before making an informed decision on which pipe clamp best suits your needs.

1. Pony 50 Pipe Clamp

Pony is a widely used pipe clamp and can be used by woodworkers as well as metalworkers.

It can fit any length of ¾ inch black pipe together with stability and firmness without any fear of slipping.

The clamp holds your pipe together gently, so there is no chance of crushing or scratching damage to the surface.

The clamping capacity of this pipe clamp js only limited by the strength of the pipe used.

It is effortless to use, and no specific tools are required to assemble this pipe clamp.

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  • Durable and reliable
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Provides stable clamping


  • ¾ inch threaded black pipe required

2. Yost Tools 3/4 inch Pipe Clamp

Yost tools are ideal for metalworking, woodworking as well as for frame assembly. These pipe clamps have iron castings that are covered by baked enamel in blue and black colors.

It can be used for any length of 3/4 inch black pile and has an acme screw for smooth application. Its central screw is 2 1/8 inch while its clamping jaws are one and ½ inch tall.

It is covered by Yosts brand name so you need not to worry. It also holds plastic and metal with equal sturdiness.

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  • Mounts on any length of ¾ inch black pipe
  • Smooth operation
  • Strong iron castings


  • Handles not good

3. Irwin 224212 1/2 inch Pipe Clamp

The innovated clutch featured in this pipe clamp eliminates the need to thread the pipes together. Also, its wide feet offer extra stability and sturdiness.

The large clutch plates provide firm and stable handling without any fear of slippage. It is easy and to handle without tiring our hands for long periods.

It’s built to handle a half-inch pipe and has a 1 ½ inch throat deep.

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  • New design features
  • Ease of handling
  • Large clamp surfaces


  • Clamping pressure may cause cracking

4. Sumner Manufacturing Ultra Clamp

Sumner Ultra clamp has an innovative design and is intended for job site use. It is a heavy-duty, durable clamp, and its alignment screws and contacts are made of stainless steel.

It has fine adjustment screws that facilitate fast and accurate setup. While the operating handle can change the position easily and quickly for accurate close-range work.

It consists of a high-quality double-walled steel body and can be used both in the field and at the workshop.

Unlike other clamps that are specific to particular pipe sizes, the Ultra Clamp can be used for a wide range of pipe sizes.

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  • High-quality material used
  • Can be used with a wide range of pipe sizes
  • Can adjust for close up work


  • Heavy clamp
  • Increased fatigue in handling

5. Bessey H Style Red Pipe Clamp

The four H shaped feet provide stability and firmness while serving to raise the clamp from the work surface for ease of use.

Durable and flexible alignment tool that provides firm, accurate yet gentle and lightweight clamping service.

Bessey pipe clamp consists of a casting jaw, smooth spindle action, and efficient design.

Stable handling and efficient design means clamping strength and size can be adjusted to the size and material of pipe used.

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  • Provides stability
  • Provides clearance from work surface
  • Prevents strain damage


  • Can only use standard pipe threads
  • Cannot use conduit since it is not rigid

6. Yaetak Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set

Yaetak clamp is designed to be the best tool in any woodworkers’ arsenal.

It is a tool that is durable and hardwearing while providing strong, firm, and stable clamping services to any number of woodworking projects.

It consists of a robust cast iron body and has listing for four pipes at a time.

It can be used during the construction of bigger projects such as putting together a wardrobe or dining table.

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  • Cast iron construction
  • Heavy-duty lead screw
  • Consistent pressure
  • You do not need threaded pipes


  • Rough manufacture of turn screw
  • Pins are fragile

7. Irwin 224134 ¾ inch Pipe Clamp

New design means there is no need for threaded pipes in this innovated new clamp.

The sustainable and reliable clamping pressure will be enough for all your woodworking projects while also being gentle enough to prevent scratches on cracks on your surface.

The wide feed offers extra stability, while the high clearance provides greater versatility to work with.

Moreover, the long handle gives ease of mobility without any danger of getting your fingers stubbed.

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  • Easy to apply force
  • Long handle
  • Feet provide stable grip


  • Be extra careful to avoid slippage

8. FLK Tech 4 Pack ½ Inch Pipe Clamp Set

Another addition to the tool kit of the professional carpenter or the aspiring DIY woodworker. This heavy-duty cast iron clamp is perfect for the more significant woodworking projects.

It provides excellent strength and pressure to the joined surfaces with spring lever control lockjaw and heavy-duty lead screws.

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  • Make a clamp fixture of any length
  • Tough and durable
  • Hold the wood in place firmly


  • Pins may not be punched securely

9. Sure-Foot Plus ¾ inch Pipe Clamp

These are top clamps that will suit a variety of needs. They provide a smooth and gentle clamping surface that provides as much strength and pressure as is needed for your project.

The feet provide balance and stability and prevent any disturbing slipping during clamping.

Moreover, they are gently raised from work surfaces providing a clear working area and versatile adjustment while clamping any project.

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  • Great balance
  • Durable
  • Strong heavy duty body
  • Easy to use


  • No soft rubber pads included

10. Strong Hand Tools Pipe Fit-Up Clamp

This durable, robust stainless steel tool is for the plumbing projects that need a compact and lightweight clamping solution.

It provides an easy to use design that ensures that each pipe that needs welding is quickly and efficiently fitted up and equally quickly unloaded to make way for the next project.

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  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive design
  • Rapid loading and unloading
  • Durable


  • Has a limited range

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pipe clamp used for?

A clamp is used to hold two pieces of pipe together during a plumbing or welding job or to join pieces of wood glued together during a woodworking project.

How many pipe clamps do I need?

Many people would tell you that you can never have enough clamps. 9 or 10 key clamps in a variety of standard sizes and capacities will see you through most jobs.

How to use a pipe clamp?

Clamps are used to hold objects you are working on together in a fixed position. You start by screwing the front part of the clamp to the pipe.

Follow that by sliding back part of the clamp onto another end of the pipe. The back part should be adjusted to the size of your project that needs to be clamped.

What is the size restriction on objects that are clamped?

Pipe clamps, unlike traditional clamps, can be used and reused across a wide variety of sizes depending on the length of the pipe used.

Anything from 6 inches to eight feet or more can be clamped together depending on the size of the pipe you buy.

Can pipe clamps only be used with particular pipes?

Yes, each pipe clamp only works with a specific diameter size of the pipe. Therefore, you need to have an idea of the pipe you are going to work with.

Do all pipe clamps need threaded pipes?

No, some pipe clams depend on friction instead of the threaded pipes. Some clamps also have the option to slide through freely along the pipe.

Therefore, all pipe clamps do not require threaded pipes.

Are pipe clamps only for plumbers?

Pipe clamps are also essential tools for Carpenters and DIY woodworkers as well as for metal welders. These can be used for a variety of purposes and jobs.

However, they are most commonly used by plumbers since their profession requires them to deal with pipes most often.

Are pipes included with pipe clamps?

No, most pipe clamps do not include the pipes. They have to be bought separately depending on the size which that clamp is calibrated for.

Thus, you need to purchase the pipe clamps according to the size of the pipe you are dealing with.

Are pipe clamps better than bar clamps?

Bar clamps and Pipe clamps serve a similar purpose. Both have two jaws and a similar working mechanism.; However, the significant difference is flexibility.

Pipe clamps offer higher flexibility as they are not fixed like bar clamps.

What is the primary benefit of using pipe clamps?

Like every other tool, Pipe clamp makes the job easier and offers a lot of stability to the user while doing his or her project.

It will also minimize the risks of getting injured or cut during such jobs that deal with cutting and movement.


By pursuing our buyer’s guide and going over a variety of the pipe clamps available in the market today. You can now make an informed choice when making your pipe clamp purchase.

Remember that the best pipe clamps are durable and robust and can withstand pressure as well as provide a stable and fixed position to your joinery project.

Pipe clams should also be adjustable for different lengths and materials, as well as being gentle enough not to scratch or damage your project.

Hope you make the right purchase with the help of our guide.

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