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I bet you are here on the quest of finding the best rotary hammer drill possible.

rotary hammer drill

When you walk into the market, you are bombarded by tons of marketing companies, trying to sell you their products.

They are not going to give you a detailed account of what role the product is going to play in your life for real. But don’t worry, we have got your back!

Here, we have compiled a list for the best rotary hammer drills available in the open market, along with the buyer’s guide and FAQs!

Buyer’s Guide

Before we proceed to the list, here are certain features you need to look t for. These features vary in every rotary hammer drill.

You have to make sure that the one you are going to buy has the features that you desire.


The first thing to look for in a rotary hammer is the kind of motor it uses. The motor can come either with brushed carbon or brushless carbons.

Usually, the motors that come with brushless carbons are more effective, as they do not produce much heat, resulting in more efficient battery time and more work in a single charge.

But, the brushed carbon models are less expensive than the brushless ones.

Power and Speed Delivery

Power and speed delivery are important functions. BPM (blows per minute) tell us how many hammer blows are done in a single minute.

The more power, and the more bpm a rotary hammer offers, the more powerful material it can drill through.

If the power and the bpm offered are less, your rotary hammer drill is not going to perform heavy duty work well.

Mode Switch

Rotary hammers come with three modes.

The first one is rotary drilling mode. It is used for soft materials like wood, in which you do not need extremely powerful pounds to make holes.

The rotary hammer drilling mode is meant for drilling through stronger materials, like concrete or masonry, because it makes a pounding motion as well as the rotating motion.

The last mode is chiseling mode, meant for light breaking, like breaking tiles and stuff.

You can get the hammer that has the modes best suited to your needs.


The rotary hammers have a different chuck than the power drills. They have an SDS made up of plastic. SDS comes in two common sizes, that are SDS max and SDS plus.

These both come with different drill bit sizes. The SDS plus comes with drill bit sizes that are between 1-1/8 inches to 5/32 inches.

So you have to choose the SDS according to the size of the drill bits that you need.

Top 15 Rotary Hammer Drills Reviews

When you step inside the local market, you will have literally a million options to choose from.

So, to make your purchase even easier, here is the list of top 15 products that our team of experts has compiled.

1. Bosch 11255VSR Rotary Hammer Drill

This product offers you extreme versatility by being able to function in all three modes, rotation only, hammer only, and rotary hammer.

You will be able to choose between a variety of different speed options. The chisel is capable of setting itself in 36 different positions.

In short, if you are looking for a tool that will offer you a range of applications, this one is for you.

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  • The hammer comes in all three operational modes
  • Vibration control option is present
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • you can change bits without tools


  • It does not last very long
  • It does not drill very quickly

2. DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill

The fastest drilling tool out there. You will be offered an impact energy of 3 joules for chipping speed and fastest drilling.

The high-performance motor is 8.5 amperes. The best part is the effective vibration control, which will not blend the insides of your hand while working.

The rotating brush ring feature is capable of delivering full speed in reverse mode as good as in forwarding mode.

This tool is meant for you if you prefer speed over anything else.

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  • Impact energy is 3 joules
  • The motor is 8.5 amp
  • Active vibration control reduces vibration
  • Full speed in reverse and forward modes alike


  • The motor gets hot in a while
  • It does mean for heavy-duty tasks

3. Makita HR2475 1” Rotary Hammer

If you are looking for the best size-to-impact ratio, then this hammer is for you. It offers 2.7 joules of impact energy but is extremely compact in size.

The motor is 7 amperes, which means you will get more efficient hitting. You will also be able to enjoy the three mode versatility with this one, including rotation, hammering, and rotary hammer.

Not only that, but you will also have additional features like a clutch that limits the torque, preventing gear damage.

You will get faster drilling due to timed hammering designed to minimize the overlapping bit impacts.

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  • The 7 amp motor handles demanding applications
  • The clutch limits torque energy
  • Timed hammering results in faster drilling speed
  • The hammer offers all three modes of operation


  • The reverse is a little slow
  • The drill isn’t compatible with the regular style bits

4. DEWALT SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

The best part about this is the brushless motor, which allows it to have good durability and extended runtime.

Brushless motor also means that the product does not heat up very soon. The clutch is designed, so the sudden reactions of high torque are reduced if the bits jam up.

You will also receive an amazing weight-to-power ratio in this tool, increasing productivity.

Last, but not least, the ergonomic design ensures comfort.

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  • The motor is brushless
  • Active vibration control reduces vibration
  • The impact energy is 2.1 joules
  • The hammer has a retractable hook


  • There is a lack of power in chipping setting
  • The battery does not last very long

5. VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill

With this product, you will be arming yourself to tackle any DIY job, no matter how challenging.

It is great for a wide range of tasks, like removing plaster, demolishing bricks, digging grouting, or taking tiles off.

The motor is 10 amp which makes it appropriate for heavy-duty tasks. It will also offer you all three modes, rotatory, hammering, and rotary hammering.

You will have total control over your tool by being able to choose between a various number of speeds. In short, this tool is an all-rounder.

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  • The 10 amp motor offers high impact power
  • The hammer offers all three modes
  • It offers a variety of speeds to choose from


  • The hammer is only good for DIY projects
  • Does not perform heavy-duty jobs very well

6. Milwaukee 2712-20 Rotary Hammer

This product offers extreme ease of use, and you will also find that it is easy to handle. It cuts like a hot knife through butter.

The speed works on is extraordinary. It is a small tool, yet strong for its size. It also has a chisel function that will work like magic.

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  • It is powerful for its size
  • the product does not wear out with time
  • It has a hook to hang it from


  • The material isn’t high quality

7. MPT SDS-Plus Hammer Drill

It is a corded rotary hammer with a motor of 8.5 impacts, so you can already tell that it is cut out to handle the heavy-duty tasks.

The wide range of applications it offers is assured by the fact that the hammer works in all three modes, rotatory, hammer, and rotary hammer.

The package comes with a replaceable carbon brush which means you will not have to worry about getting another one when this one wears out.

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  • The hammer functions in all three modes
  • The motor is 8.5 amperes
  • 360 degrees handle offers comfortable use
  • You can use it on any material


  • The operating manual may not satisfy you
  • Does not have any reverse

8. Hiltex 10513 Rotary Hammer Drill

You will get maximum power of 1000 watts with this thing. You will be able to perform heavy-duty tasks when you have this one in hand.

This one also works in all three functions, which are, rotation only, hammer only, and rotary hammer.

The package that it comes in includes both flat tip and point tip chisel. You will also get a case to keep your things organized.

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  • 1000 watts power is for high impacts
  • The hammer has three function modes
  • The 360-degree swivel offers maximum comfort


  • The drill bits do not offer any practical usage
  • The hammer cannot handle too much power

9. Makita XRH01Z Rotary Hammer

You will get a brushless motor that is designed for a 50% less runtime.

The ease-of-use is ensured by a three-mode operation facility, which is rotatory, hammering, and rotary hammering.

The best feature is the two-finger trigger operation for the sake of more convenience. The motor is going to offer 2 joules of impact energy.

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  • The motor is brushless
  • The product does not heat up
  • The battery lasts long
  • The weight is only 7.2 lbs
  • Batteries are included
  • The design is ergonomic


  • It isn’t designed to spin large bits
  • Clutch is weak

10. Milwaukee 5426-21 Rotary Hammer

With this product, you will get an SDS-Max Rotary hammer that offers 14 amp impact power.

The product offers optimal power for the most heavy-duty jobs, like cutting and drilling through concrete.

The hammer gives fast drilling options and hard-hitting, and the anti-vibration system is going to make sure that you get maximum comfort.

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  • The product is durable
  • The impact energy is 8.8 ft/lbs
  • The product maintains its drilling speed under load
  • The clutch is mechanical


  • The product offers the hammer mode only
  • The product heats up very quickly

11. Bosch 1-1/8 inch SDS Rotary Hammer

This machine is going to offer you an ideal combination of all good features, including impact energy, power, comfort, and drilling speed.

You will get a vibration control option too, thus enabling you to get maximum comfort.

The vibration is reduced in two steps, arising from the impact mechanism and then moving to the handle.

The hammer provides all three modes of operation.

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  • The hammer offers effective vibration control
  • The handle is a convenient 360 degrees
  • Chisel position has 12 different options


  • The depth guide often slips
  • The hammer does not last very long

12. Milwaukee 2713-20 Rotary Hammer

The best part about this product is that you can work all day in a single charge. And even though it is cordless, you will get better performance than the corded tools.

Even after working with it all day, you will not feel like it overheated at any point.

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  • The hammer is cordless allowing mobility
  • The steel can be adjusted
  • The clutch is mechanical


  • The tool eats through batteries

13. Hitachi DH38YE2 Rotary Hammer

This 8.4 amp rotatory hammer is going to make you feel like you have the next generation of technology in your hand.

The product has an ergonomic body that is extremely lightweight and delivers decreased vibration.

It has two modes, hammer only and t=rotary hammer.

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  • The motor is 8.4 amp
  • The vibration levels are low
  • The noise levels are extremely low
  • The cover is dust resistant
  • The elastomer handle gives a good grip


  • Offers only two modes of operation
  • The product isn’t worth its price

14. SKIL 20V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

This product offers an extraordinary cooling system for not letting your hammer heat up even after long hours of work.

To add up, you will also get a longer battery time with this. So that you will not have to take breaks that waste your time during work, also, you will be able to change bits without the use of tools.

The hammer functions in all three possible modes, thus offering a wide range of applications.

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  • This hammer has a long battery life
  • The cooling system is efficient
  • It has all three modes of operation
  • This one has direction indicators


  • The product could use more power
  • Is not appropriate for heavy-duty work

15. Hitachi DH22PG Rotatory Hammer

This is the most compact and lightweight hammer made by Hitachi.

You will get a 5.4-ampere motor, and two modes of operation, that are drill and hammer-drill.

The clutch is slip-proof for you to be able to grab it properly.

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  • The power of is 5.4 amp
  • The clutch is slip-free to prevent damaged gears
  • Extremely compact and lightweight


  • Only has two modes of operation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill?

Rotary hammers tend to be more powerful than the hammer drill. They are able to hammer only and do not have the option of rotation.

A hammer drill is going to exhibit less force than a rotary hammer. However, it has the ability to rotate, thus enabling you to drill through stronger materials.

Can a rotary hammer drill break up concrete?

A rotary hammer enables you to drill through concrete very easily. However, they will not be able to break up concrete entirely.

If you don’t have to drill and have to break up the concrete, demolition hammer will be more suitable for you. It doesn’t drill, which allows it to focus more on the breaking part.

Do rotary hammer drills need special bits?

If you are to create a high-impact load by a rotary hammer drill, then you do need to use rotary hammer bits accordingly.

However, make sure that you do not use the bits that are worn out, using such bits is going to cause you to drill larger holes than you need, in order to match the various anchoring systems.

Are corded hammer drills more powerful?

Cordless drills are small and are used for all-purpose drilling. They are only suitable for situations when hammers are to be used occasionally.

Corded drills are designed to be more powerful and are meant for heavy-duty work.

If you are looking forward to drilling many holes, go for a corded tool.

What is an SDS rotary hammer drill?

SDS stands for the “slotted drive system.” When masons had a tough time drilling holes inside hard materials, they were made.

The SDS drills are made so that they can drill effectively into stone or concrete. They function by pounding the drill bit while they are spinning.

Can a rotary hammer drill wood?

Every rotary hammer has two options, hammer drilling, and drilling. They cannot be used for the more delicate drilling work, for example for pre-drilling into softwood.

But if you use a wide diameter core bit, you will be able to drill larger holes in the wood.

What are rotary hammer drills used for?

The main purpose of a rotary hammer drill is “doweling.” Doweling is the action of repetitive drilling of the large rebar anchor holes.

Hammer drills are also capable of drilling holes through masonry and concrete walls.

The action of hammering helps break up the masonry, and then it is removed by the flutes of the drill bit.

Is a hammer drill better than a regular drill?

That totally depends upon the purpose you are using it for. A drill is not meant for doing heavy-duty work.

However, a hammer drill is used when you have to drill into a harder surface, like concrete or brick.

Some hammer drills will also offer you the feature of turning back into a drill when you want it to.

Can I use a hammer drill bit in a regular drill?

Yes, you can. However, you will require a wider range of drill bits and a lot of patience when you are using a regular drill.

The procedure will remain the same; it doesn’t matter if you are using a hammer drill of a regular drill to drill into concrete.

You can drill holes into the concrete using a regular drill and hammer drill bits with it.

Can I use a hammer drill to chisel?

The hammer function can stop the rotatory action of the drill. So, you will be able to use it as a chisel.


So here was the complete guide you needed to have before proceeding with your purchase. It is hopefully going to assist you with your purchase.

If you keep the buyer’s guide in mind and then move on to buying the actual thing, you will manage to get the best bang for your buck!

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