Top Picks: 15 Tool Backpacks for Electricians in 2023 | Reviews & Guide

An integral part of being a good electrician is having all of your tools with you at the right moment.

tool backpack for electrician

To facilitate that, you’ll need to get your hands on the best tool backpacks for electricians.

However, doing so is not a small task. There are several factors that can dictate and influence this decision.

The scope of this review will highlight different products heavily scrutinized by our team of experts.

Before getting there, there is a critical aspect of buying that should be addressed.

Buyers Guide

Before buying a tool backpack for yourself, several factors should be kept in consideration.

These factors will give you a sense of direction and in the long run, will help you in making a better decision.

When getting the best tool bag for electricians, you have to ensure that you buy a product that you’re satisfied with.

To facilitate that, here are a few things to keep in mind!


Before setting out to buy a tool bag, you have to lay out a budget for this. The main reason this is on the top of the list is so that you don’t end up spending more than you originally anticipated.

To facilitate this, you’ll also have to do some research on the type of bag you’re after. Once done, set a budget and then stick to it.


Defining a purpose for this purchase is very important because this will give you direction when buying a tool bag.

For starters, try to establish what purpose you need the bag for.

Are you just getting it for the functionality or are you an electrician who wants to make their life easier?

Defining a purpose will enable you to narrow your choices and then stick to an absolute path.


Getting to the technical side of this guide, pockets are one thing you should watch out for. Tool backpacks are reputed for providing the buyer with maximal organizational skills.

For this reason, you’ll have to access your current tools and compare them with the pockets provided in the bag.

Will a certain amount of pockets be enough, do you need more?


Pockets won’t do you any good if when the time comes, you can’t find something in your bag. For this reason, the organization of the bag works in conjunction with the number of pockets available.

The bag should enable you to access all your stuff at the insertion of the hand, rather than shuffle around.


There’s a decent chance that when filled the bag is likely to be quite substantial. For this reason, comfort should also be a factor when considering a backpack.

Maximal comfort will ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself in the long run. Furthermore, if the bag is comfortable, you’ll also feel good about this investment.


A useful tool backpack is one that should last you a long while. To factor in durability, you’ll have to account for the working conditions you’re currently in.

If you work in harsh environments, it’s wise to buy something on the more strong side.

If it rains where you work, then you might have to consider something that is water-proof.

In conclusion, factor in durability and working conditions so that you don’t have to worry about wearing and tearing.

Top 15 Tool Backpack For Electrician Reviews

The list below highlights and mentions the best 15 products available on the market.

They have been subject to intense scrutiny by our review team and have been presented thoroughly.

Additionally, the merits and demerits of each product is also mentioned which might facilitate you in developing your stance on the product.

Without further ado, here are the 15 best tool backpacks for electricians.

1. Rugged Tools Worksite Tool Backpack

Made of 1680D polymer, this model is quite a resistance to harsh environments and conditions and has decent durability.

The best feature of this backpack is the internal organization it provides, which includes 29 utility organizers, four zippered pockets, two side pockets, tape measure clip, utility strap, and laptop sleeve.

With a built-in charging port as well, the bottom of this model is molded hard to keep everything else secure.

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  • A large number of pockets
  • Nice functionality
  • Good durability


  • Hook for measuring tape not sturdy
  • Pocket for a laptop is small

2. DEWALT DGCL33 Tool Backpack

With a pre-installed USB charging port, this backpack is optimal if you’re going to be out for a few days. The charger can, at best, charge two devices, which is quite optimal.

Base pad feet also enable this model to be durable and work for long and extended periods. This model also stands apart from its rival because it is easy and comfortable to carry.

The large pads and adjustable shoulder pads further enhance this.

Lastly, this product can hold a multitude of products and inculcates good organizational skills.

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  • Distributed weight
  • USB charger port
  • Good shoulder straps


  • Not suitable for non-electricians
  • Might be overwhelming for beginners

3. CLC 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

This backpack features two zipper compartments. One caters to tools and similar stuff where the other allows for chords and extensions.

The adjustable compression pockets also enable users to put in stuff that they need without any resistance or difficulty.

With dual-handle at the top, this model is also straightforward to carry around.

The CLC provides its users with 41 pockets inside and seven pockets outside, enabling the user to make the most of what they have.

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  • Good pocket options
  • Comfortable to carry around
  • Dual functional


  • Smaller in size than other models
  • Not thick either

4. Veto Pro Pac Technician Bag

Made out of Nylon, this model is quite strong and sturdy.

The bag has two storage compartments. Additionally, the padding at the back also makes this model suitable for use if you have to carry the bag around a lot.

The Veta Pro Pac also has a 3mm polypropylene base, which enables it to stay upright and not trip, especially if there is equipment inside.

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  • Plenty of open space
  • Tough zippers
  • Applicable for tough use


  • Small interior zippers
  • Doesn’t hold tools securely

5. Tool Backpack Bag Hard Hat Capacity

ToolEra provides a bag that has three storage compartments along with 50 pockets for storing your tools.

By far, this is the most we’ve encountered. Made with heavy-duty 1680D Nylon, this model is also strong and durable.

ToolEra also comes with side adjustable security straps.

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  • Ergonomic
  • Plenty of storage places
  • Optimal for professionals


  • Not suitable for large weights
  • Stitching might come loose after a while

6. Rugged Tradesman Tool Backpack

This product of Rugged Tools is made of 1680D polyester. Made with durable material that can withstand strict use, the model is optimal for use in outdoor and harsh environments.

The bag provides the user with 28 pockets which can be used to store screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape, level, drill, electrical fish tape, electronics & more.

The molded bottom also provides the user with a safe surface to put their bag upright.

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  • Compact comfort
  • Good lumbar support
  • Comfortable wear


  • Not enough outside pockets
  • No snap-on internal straps

7. DEWALT DGL523 Tool Backpack

This bag comes along with an installed LED light with various levels of adjustments, enabling the user to focus the light in a designated spot and change it with how they see appropriate.

The model also has 50+ pockets with a wide range of the outside as well. Additionally, the padding at the back makes for comfortable wearing and use.

Overall, this bag is quite versatile and can be used to carry a wide variety of tools.

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  • Innovative LED feature
  • Plenty of free space
  • Dual functionality


  • Straps are likely to become uneven
  • Harder to store big tools

8. CLC Custom Leathercraft L255

This model contains 53 functional pockets and an LED light. The light has three modes of functioning, each catering to different intensities of light.

This model is reputed for its comfort and ease of transport due to the adjustable padded shoulders with sternum strap and back padding.

The dual compartment and various sizes of pockets enable the user to adjust their needs and organize accordingly.

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  • Heavy stitching
  • Roomy pockets
  • Strong exterior
  • Can be used in harsh conditions


  • Bulky with everyday tools
  • Not comfortable to wear if heavy

9. XtremepowerUS Tool Backpack

With 36 pockets, this model combines efficiency with aesthetics. If you’re looking for something for casual use, this is a perfect model to consider.

The model is padded for comfort and holds a multitude of accessories and drills. The model also has a small front compartment for those who have a favorite tool or one that they use frequently.

Overall, this model is pretty decent and is an excellent place to start with if you’re unsure of the specifics of what you’re after.

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  • Rolling feature
  • Easy to carry around
  • Optimal for older people


  • Pocket might rip from the seam
  • Susceptible to damage on impact

10. Jackson Palmer Tool Backpack

This model is an update on the previous version and has updates such as deeper pockets, tighter webbings, and improved stitching.

The model also provides a 17” compartment for carrying your laptop, whereas also providing ample space to store your other tools.

Extra padding, chest strap and contoured base are also provided for easy travel and carrying.

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  • Spacious
  • Elegant design
  • Makes carrying laptop easier


  • Pocket not reinforced on the bottom
  • Not waterproof

11. Electrician Tool Bag By Klein Tools

Klein Tools provides a model that is both aesthetic and elegant. The camouflage design is the cherry on the top.

This model is a must-have if you’re fond of or live close to nature. The model has 39 pockets for storage, of various sizes, which can cater to different objects.

The interior pockets are deep and can hold large equipment. Additionally, this model is also quite durable since it’s made of 1680D ballistic nylon.

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  • Smart design
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Comfortable wear


  • Only ideal for smaller tools
  • Harder to carry big tools

12. Milwaukee 48-22-8200 Tool Backpack

The 1680D ballistic nylon ensures that your bag will be durable and deliver in strict and harsh environments.

Furthermore, the bag is likely to be unaffected on impact as well. There is an added laptop sleeve that can help you store your computer with ease.

The load-bearing harness also ensures you can easily carry this bag wherever you want.

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  • Easy to carry around
  • Tough zippers
  • Good variety of storage options


  • Bulky/heavy when full
  • Straps loosen easily

13. Klein Tools Backpack Tool Bag

This backpack comes with 48 pockets, which will enable you to stay organized and keep everything where it belongs.

With a molded bottom, this 1680D ballistic nylon also ensures that this model is robust and not susceptible to damage.

The straps are well padded which makes for comfort, and the model also has to carry handles and a D-ring for hanging.

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  • Good weight dispersion
  • Great organizational design
  • Chest strap makes for easy carrying


  • The removable center portion isn’t handy
  • Strap quality isn’t worth it

14. Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack

With reinforced pockets and zippers, this model, made of 1680D ballistic polymer, is made for functioning in harsh conditions.

The model has 40 pockets in total and can be used to store tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape, level, drill, electrical fish tape, electronics & more.

This model can be used by virtually anyone who wants a decent bag to store their tools.

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  • Lumbar support
  • Stands up for tough jobs
  • Versatile


  • Zippers might produce some problems
  • Pocket configuration isn’t optimal

15. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Backpack

This model comes with 39 pockets in different alignments, which means you can store different tools and materials with relative ease.

The model also has a plastic molded bottom which will protect your tools from damage if it falls or is placed down.

Additionally, this also prevents the model from falling over when placed vertically. Made of 1680D, this model is strong and sturdy.

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  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Mold at the bottom provides protection


  • Zippers don’t last
  • Less-than-optimal design

Frequently Asked Questions

What do electricians need a backpack for?

Electricians need a tool backpack so that they can easily commute with all their equipment readily available.

Most electricians have to travel to their workplace, which can be anywhere in the neighborhood.

For this reason, they need their entire toolkit with them since they can’t risk leaving some behind.

Can a tool backpack be used by non-electricians?

A tool backpack can be virtually used by anyone who wants optimized baggage space and wants to carry material in bulk, especially that which is compact and heavy.

These bags are used by electricians for, i.e. their strength and subsequent comfort.

Why don’t electricians carry their stuff around?

An electrician is a practitioner of a wide variety of tools and small machinery. To have access to them at all times and on all jobs, electricians need to keep all their stuff together and compact.

It’s feasible not to carry their stuff around but actually, keep them in a proper bag or an encasement.

What material is a tool backpack made of?

Owing to their strength, tool backpacks are made of a material which, when presented as a whole, is stronger than the individual unit.

They are made of polyester fiber. Polyester fiber grants the bag additional strength and resistance to tearing and wearing.

What are the advantages of getting a tool backpack?

There are a plethora of advantages to investing in a tool backpack. For starters, you’ll have access to all your tools at once.

Secondly, if invested wisely, a useful tool backpack is likely to last you a long time. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the bag can enhance the user experience.

Our tool belts better than a tool backpack?

No, tool backpacks have an advantage. Tool belts enable the user to carry around their stuff with them.

However, this is drastically limited by the number of equipment the belt allows.

A backpack, however, due to its size enables the user to carry a lot of stuff at the same time.

Are tool backpacks strong?

Yes. Due to the vast amount of weight and stress tool backpacks are put through, it’s integral to design them in a way that warrants the highest amount of strength.

In essence, yes, tool backpacks are as strong as they get.


Keeping all the aforementioned products in mind, you can choose one that fancies you the most.

Remember, at the end of the day, what matters most is that you get something you’re comfortable with.

Let us know which product you chose or what you already have in the comment section below.

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