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Being a truck driver, it is challenging quite often. There are times when the vehicle stops working, and you need to move it to a safe place or a workshop.

winches for trucks

The best tool in this regard is winch. If you own a truck or a UV and want to get the best portable winch, then do consider the following features before you pay for it.

What is the Cable Like?

Motorized cables are very popular these days. They are readily available and the most preferred options available in the market.

The cables in this version are created out of steel or some synthetic materials.

The quality and performance of conscious drivers usually prefer getting synthetic cables due to their extreme flexibility and strength.

These cables are easy to maintain and ensure high performance.  In the case of an impaired function, they can be comfortable replaced and removed as well.

Water and Dust Proof

Riding a truck is not an easy job.  The trucks are meant to transport, lift and move around. In harsh weathers and the problematic terrains, they rush around.

The drivers often have to work with the cables in extraordinarily dusty and humid environments.

The performance gets adversely impacted with the water and the dust.

To prevent the external agents from disturbing the performance of the work it is better to get the cables that are sealed and well protected.

A faulty cable can bother the driver so maintenance cannot be easy as well.

The seal shows that hardly any bothering agent would enter into the cable or the motor.

Power and Strength to Pull

The cables are meant to pull the weights of different kinds. The range of the weights cannot be fixed. The unexpected weight loads can come your way anytime.

Therefore it is a must to have a cable that can drag a weight that up to maximum pounds.

It is recommended to buy the cable that can drag or lift a minimum of 6500lbs.

The maximum range cannot be fixed.


The users are always looking for something that is easy to handle.

The perfect working depends on how much efficiently it can access the different weights and the targets.

It is possible only when the winch comes with an efficient and useful tool.

The remote controllers are also there with some of the winches, and this makes the work even more accessible and more convenient to pull out and pull back the cable.  This is also a time-saving feature.

Thus, while out to buy the best portable electric winch it is essential to find something that can save time and correctly assist you.

The Cost

Looking for the best is essential but looking for something beyond the budget is equally essential.

Some cables are expensive, but when you end up buying them, you hardly get the quality.

On the other hand, there are some that will give you the most amazing features in the reasonable cost.

Before purchasing the winch compare the rates and the features available on the internet.

This will assist in finding the right choice. Get the winch that has little maintenance required after buying the winch.

This can save you from the expenditure too.

Top 15 Winches For Trucks Reviews

After understanding the buyers' guide, here are the fifteen best winches for trucks in the market today.

1. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

Smittybilt 97459 XRC is a powerful winch with a pull strength of 9500 pounds that can easily pull out your truck or jeep from the muck.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch comes with an amphibious motor with a horsepower of 6.6 that makes it much more powerful.

This winch also comes with a planetary gear system that converts the horsepower into raw pulling strength.

Smittybilt comes with an enclosed motor and gear system that eliminates the wet and gets you out of the mud with ease.

It also comes in handy with a corded remote that makes this winch easy to use and user-friendly.

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  • Amphibious motor with 6.6 horsepower
  • Waterproof
  • Winds in quickly
  • Magnet in control handle


  • Difficult to attach electrical cables
  • Wrong screw hole spacing

2. Superwinch LT3000ATV Winch

Superwinch 1130220 is a multi-purpose intermediate winch for intermediate pulling needs.

Superwinch 1130220 is a reliable and durable winch that is a great option for big pulling needs.

It comes with all the features that should be present in an intermediate winch. The winch consists of a roller fairlead, handlebar, hand-held remote, mount plate, and rocker switch.

The capacity of the Superwinch 1130220 is 1360 kg or 3000 lbs.

Superwinch 1130220 works with a 3-stage planetary gear to provide powerful cranking.

The 4-way roller fairlead helps the rope to roll efficiently and smoothly.

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  • High-quality straps and pulley
  • Lines do not get tangled between housing and drum
  • Smooth installation
  • Multi-purpose winch
  • Adequate rope length


  • Loose cable drum
  • Bulky circuit breakers
  • Poor quality connectors

3. Smittybilt Waterproof Rope Winch

Smittybilt 98510 is a great winch that is specialized in every area for increased performance and trouble-free operation.

Like other X2O winches, this one also comes with a completely sealed motor of 6.6 horsepower along with 3-stage planetary gear system.

The 500 AMP solenoid pack of Smittybilt 98510 is entirely waterproof and can be mounted at different locations as per your requirements.

It also comes with a remote that can be plugged to the winch or can be used wirelessly. It also consists of optimized gear ratios that provide relatively fast line speed.

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  • Can easily pull the heavy vehicles
  • Great for ATV
  • Can withstand any weather conditions
  • Wireless function
  • Easy to install


  • The range of wireless is just 50 meters
  • Not waterproof

4. Superwinch 1145230 Terra

Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 is similar to other Terra 45 winch models as it features a permanent magnetic motor, wired remote control and planetary type gearbox with a gear ratio of 191.

Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 is a great companion if you are going up for a long journey.

Features a highly efficient, and sealed magnetic motor of 1.6 horsepower that provides a dynamic brake and mechanical load holding.

It also consists of planetary gear entirely made up of steel that uses machined-in, oil pocket bearings.

The circuit breaker and the solenoid contacts are sealed that makes it weatherproof.

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  • Wiring the winch is quite easy
  • Color-coded wires
  • Wires are of perfect length
  • Reliable support for long journeys
  • Planetary gearbox


  • Sometimes makes clicking voice

5. Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb/1591kg Winch

If you want something great for the ATV, or plows, then no winch can compete for the quality of the Bravex Brand New Electric 12V 3500lb Winch.

It is operated with the help of an extremely powerful motor that makes the operations steady and perfect.

For a smooth and reliable performance, it comes with the metal gearing. The tasks are conducted at high light speed.

The rope is guided with the assistance of the 4-way roller.

Their sleek design makes them an impressive addition for the vehicle toolbox. The remote comes with a Rocker switch.

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  • Smooth and reliable performance
  • Easy to install
  • Impressive appearance
  • Strong packaging


  • Faulty customer service
  • Less power than many similar winches

6. WARN 92000 2000 DC Utility Winch

WARN 92000 is a small-sized winch but it possesses all the features a high-quality winch has. Because of its small size WARN, 92000 can be mounted on even tight and narrow spots.

Warn 92000 allow you to pull more materials in comparatively less time. This winch consists of an outstanding duty cycle, durable planetary gear train.

This DC2000 utility winch is a great selection for the use of trailers and hitch mounts.

It also comes with a 1.6 horsepower permanent magnet DC motor that provides an outstanding duty cycle. It also consists of 35 feet of 3/16” wire rope along with clasp and hook.

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  • Can easily lift 80-200lbs
  • Easy to install
  • Cable wraps the gear ratio to make the pull stronger
  • Differential planetary gear


  • Wire does not roll up consistently
  • Motor sounds are annoying

7. OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope

It is an extremely efficient winch to move the jeeps of all kinds.

It operates with a high power motor. The sealed contactor does not allow the moisture or water to move in the motor from any side.

The innovative three-stage planetary gear system is highly commendable and an extremely praised feature of the winch.

The free spool allows the 26 meters long rope to move easily around it when the rope is required.

The remote controller makes it something great.

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  • Very powerful
  • Complete security with a strong and powerful break.
  • Easy to operate the wireless remote controller
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Short battery cable
  • Some users may need the modifying grill

8. 3500lbs Steel Cable Winch by Lite Way

If you own a heavy vehicle, then it is a must to keep a strong steel cable winch along.

Among the best cable winches available in the market the one created by the Lite Way is highly recommended by the vehicle experts.

The regular usage of the winch can keep it in the perfect shape. It is an extremely efficient winch that is operated with the help of an extremely efficient motor.

What makes it the perfect truck winch is the fact that it has a waterproof structure. It can do great with even the toughest tasks.

Those who use it once cannot think of replacing them. The best feature of this strong 3500 lbs. The winch is the high power brake system.

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  • Outclass power output
  • Excellent seal system to protect against the moisture
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient brake system


  • Difficult to operate junk box

9. WARN 89031 Vantage 3000-S Winch

The truck winch by Warn Vantage is very powerful and compact which will serve your exact purpose.

It will save you time without putting you in any trouble. This model is quite affordable and would not eat your budget.

No wonder, all winches by Vantage stand out in the market. This is all because of their price-quality ratio.

It is specially engineered for UTV, ATV, and snowmobiles with the power of 12V DC and 1361kg of maximum force.

This model is installed with an electric motor with a three-stage planetary gearbox.

The best part is that it does not consume your time while installing it. Also, it easily pulls out the heavy-duty vehicle from the mud.

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  • Mini-rocker switch
  • Rugged design
  • SUV Winches


  • Average quality

10. RUGCEL WINCH Waterproof IP68

Rugcel Winch is a well-established brand in the market that produces several electric winches, bumpers and hydraulic winches.

It is an ideal tool for heavy-duty vehicles with a mixture of versatility, power, and quality of course.

It is also suitable for utility use too such as planetary gear train with a horsepower of 6.6. It comes with an extension cable which is 12 foot long so to ensure the safety while placing it between the user and winch when a vehicle is off.

This winch has a VR line which is durable and smooth. It is designed with an automatic brake system, so you can hold the loads with full control when powering out and in.

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  • Infrared remote control
  • Versatile
  • Reasonable Price


  • Average design

11. RC4WD Z-S1079 Winch

The Warn is one of the affordable brands in the market but with average quality. However, sacrifice on quality doesn’t mean that it badly operates.

It operates efficiently with 6-11V battery installed in it. It comes with 3.9 meters synthetic winch rope is made from casted aluminum case to provide with firm support when pulling the heavy-duty vehicle.

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  • Firm grip
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient results


  • Non-water resistant

12. Rough Country PRO Series Electric Winch

This is known to be the professional recovery electric winch in the market which is sold at an amazing price.

It is highly featured with advance and unique features. You can hardly find waterproof electric winches in the market and that too at a good price.

It is designed for rugged circumstances so to resist the dust, mud, and dirt. Each feature in this winch proves to be money worthy.

As they are quite efficient to operate and give a better outcome due to their higher speeds.

The skillfully crafted motor installed in it generates less heat than Permanent magnet motors.

They come with three-stage planetary gear that boosts the gear ratio so to serve the purpose of small housing as well.

You can also replace the Clevis hook if you are not comfortable with the previous one.

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  • Synthetic Rope
  • Water-proof
  • Easy installation


  • Average quality

13. X-BULL Steel Cable Electric Winch

The winch proves to be strong enough as the brand “X-BULL” itself reflects the quality of the winch.

There is no chance that the winch breaks off under heat pressure or while pulling.

Yes, it weighs 12000 pounds, but the winch is super strong. Also, it comes with the remote controller which is handy and water-proof.

It tends to be a helpful tool as it ensures the user to use it safely while pulling the person out of danger.

It is user-friendly as the motor is attached to a clutch. The spool ensures to operate it manually and switch the cable out or in if there’s any problem.

The cable is 26 meters long which manufactured from stainless steel.

Moreover, it is waterproof and anti-corrosive. So, you don’t have to worry if you are stuck in some damp, wet place.

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  • Spooling Clutch
  • Wireless remote
  • Good quality


  • Expensive

14. Big Horn Power Electric Winch

The Big Horn winch is one of the best portable winches you can get in the market. It highly meets supervision and safety standards.

This is to ensure that their product meets the quality control standards to give a superior experience.

The packages contain ideal accessories that add value to your UTV, ATV or off-road vehicle.

The motor installed in it is of 12 VDC which gives efficient performance. Due to the three-stage planetary, it can be ideal for small housing as well.

The motor is manufactured from top-quality copper that provides extremely safety features.

It has gone through a strict checking to make sure it is durable and performs efficiently.

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  • The gear ratio of 136:1
  • Dynamic brake
  • 12 VDC Motor


  • Not water-resistant

15. Yescom Electric Recovery Winch

The Yescom is the best portable electric winch. The electric winch has 3-stage planetary gear that balances the gear ratio and ensures strengthened horsepower.

This comes with an additional spooling clutch which is connected with the motor. This helps you to pull out the wire rope without even using electric power.

It is installed with an automatic brake. This helps to lock the wire, so you don’t have to pull the rope when you release the switch button continuously.

It is a four-way roller fairlead that guides you accurately.

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  • Spooling clutch
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Non-water resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

What does winch capacity mean?

It means that measure out the distance between the rope.

For example, if the winch capacity is about 6,000 pounds, so that implies that the manufacturer has used a static load with the help of only one layer of wire rope throughout the drum.

So, it means, the more you put “rope” on the drum, the less it provides you pulling power.

What is a recovery winch?

It is designed to be fixed on the front or even the rear of a vehicle and further used to pull out vehicles of mud or a ditch accurately.

For example, you are connecting the cable to any stable object that can also be used as a type of anchor.

Self-Recovery winches require a kind of mounting kit or multi-mount system.

What is an electric winch?

An electric winch is designed to lift or pull the vehicles out easily; it is a motorized device.

Furthermore, a motor that drives the electric winch is connected to the vehicle’s power of an electrical system.

So, an electric winch is made to make things easier for humans.

What’s the difference between a winch and a hoist?

There would be only one difference which is that a hoist is made for lifting whereas a winch is made for pulling.

Although, a Winch is used for pulling weight on a leveled surface.

Furthermore, a Hoist is used to lift (dead load) and has a powerful locking brake system that can easily handle a “hanging” load.

Can a hoist be used as a winch?

Well, hoists are made out of wire rope or chain and can also be operated manually or even by powered motors.

So, if you need to use it for lifting heavy objects; for instance, an engine block or construction material.

However, try to use an elevator for tasks that require you to lift an excess load.

Can a chain hoist be used horizontally?

These lever hoists are portable devices which can be used to any positions including horizontally.

What is a dynamic brake on a winch?

One major difference between a hoist and a winch is their braking system.

Many off-road winches are made with those dynamic brakes, which are designed to handle the load automatically.

Thus, dynamic brakes help to utilize the gears in the winch for stability making it weak for checked loads.

What does a winch blanket do?

The use of a winch blanket gives you guarantee and support that if a wire rope splits or a joining point is loose or about to break, then there would be no higher risk of any damage, because of winch blanket.

What type of motor is used in hoist?

Typically, DC motors 4 (shunt, series, or compound) are used in industrial conditions for coil feeding spools in the crane hoists as well as elevator hoist motors.


The truck winches are a must-carry accessory with the trucks and other heavy vehicles.

The market might be filled with a number of winches but choosing the perfect one depends on how vigilant buyer the owner is.

With a little search, it becomes possible to buy the best winch.

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