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A wire stripping tool is a necessity for every home. You don’t have to be an expert for the electrical maintenance of your house.

wire stripping tools

The wire stripping tool will make it easier for you to fix electrical issues safely.

We have shortlisted and reviewed the 15 best wire stripping tools along with a buyers guide that will help you make the right decision.

Buyers Guide

Below are factors that you need to consider before purchasing the right wire stripping tool.

You need to understand your requirement and then invest in the best tool for your house.

Grip Design

The grip of various wire stripping tools depends on their different designs. The grip and comfort usually depend on usage and time duration.

You should hold and check a wire stripping tool to judge the design that suits you best.


The build quality is the most significant factor. Some wire stripping tools are corrosion resistant, while others are not.

Wire stripping tools are made of plastic or heavy metal. The plastic ones might not be as sturdy as the others but very light in weight.

Thus, a buyer needs to consider these factors before making his or her purchase.


The easiness to use a wire stripping tool is an essential factor. You should keep in mind the learning curve for each of different design tool.

Top 15 Wire Stripping Tools Reviews

Below are the reviews of the top fifteen picks along with their pros and cons.

You should choose the one that best fulfils your requirements.

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripping Tool

This product is best for wire cutting. It is 8 inches long.

The tool is built with the induction of hardened cutting edges, and it is durable as the sharpness stays for an extended period.

10-12 AWG can be easily cut and striped with it. Built with plier’s style nose which allows it to pull and loop wires.

It also can cut bolts to different sizes and has crimps and non-insulated terminals.

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  • Durable
  • 10-12 AWG can be cut
  • Pliers style nose
  • Handy in use


  • Cuter breaks quickly
  • Low quality
  • Not shape enough

2. WGGE WG-015 Crimping Tool

This product can cut 10-22AWG copper wires and aluminium cable; it can strip and loop also.

It is built with a strong-gripping separated nose so it can shape, bend and pull the wires easily.

It also has ergonomically curved handles. The insulated and non-insulated terminals can be crimped by this tool.

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  • Quality assurance
  • Handle
  • 10-20 AWG CAN BE CUT
  • Strong gripping


  • Poor quality
  • Built with poor metal
  • Not durable
  • Breaks in half

3. MulWark 8″ Wire Stripping Tool

MulWark 8″ is a multi-tool, cuts solid wires and standard wire of 10-22AWG, it is also bolt cutter, can cut metric bolts entirely.

It can be used for insulated and non-insulated terminals crimping.

It is built with cushion grip handle. It is ergonomically designed; therefore, it has a good grip and easy to use.

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  • Handle in use
  • Durable
  • All in one tool for crimping


  • Do not strip wire
  • Jaws flop around
  • Not strong and sharp enough

4. Capri Tools 20010 Wire Stripper

Capri tool is one of a kind, excellent wire stripper which can cut 22-8AWG wires smoothly and efficiently. It is built with alloy chassis.

It is handling to use as it has recoiling spring design. It can easily cut the wires, with stripping action.

The tools have stripping holes which remove the insulation with any harm.

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  • Recoiling design
  • Built with alloy chassis
  • Handy in use
  • Includes stripping holes


  • Inefficient quality
  • Cheap product in use
  • Does not cut properly

5. SEDY Wire Stripping Tool

SEDY wire is built with multi-function, it can strip, trim, crimp terminal. 10-24 AWG can be cut with this tool.

With to adjust jaws, it has a unique design and a cushion grip and maximum leverage.

It has teeth grabs and holds pulls correctly. Crimps can be insulated and non-insulated with this tool.

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  • Cushion grip
  • 10-24AWG can be cut
  • Multi-function tool
  • Easy to use


  • Low-quality product
  • Not sharp
  • Expensive

6. Swpeet 14Pcs Crimping Tool Kit

This is a complete crimping kit; it can be used for a heavy-duty ratchet crimp tool. Built of excellent quality and easy to handle also.

It has cable stripper, with double and coaxes cable stripper. It also includes a crimp male connector and straight connector.

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  • Full professional kit
  • Can be used for heavy-duty
  • Great quality
  • Includes crimp male connector
  • Includes straight connector


  • Expensive
  • Springs defective
  • The package does not include instruction for usage

7. WORKPRO 582-piece Crimp Terminals

This is a perfect kit for usage as it comes with 583 electrical wire terminals and many other items. It also comes with a transparent box.

The package can be used for wire usage and also has a wire cutter in it.

UL certificated terminals, connectors and shrinks tubes also include in the kit.

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  • 583 electrical wire terminals
  • Transparent box for easy access
  • UL certificated items include
  • One wire cutter stripper


  • Costly
  • Low-quality cutter
  • Not durable

8. Capri Tools 20011 Automatic Wire Stripper

This product is built with exceptional quality; it is an automatic wire stripper that can access tight areas. It can self-adjust to different gauges.

It is very efficient and fastly works as it is a consistent wire stripping action. It works with one squeezing motion. 24-10 AWG can be cut with this tool.

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  • Self-adjustable
  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • 24-10 AWG can be cut


  • Does not work properly
  • Ineffective
  • Costly

9. Knipex 1262180 Insulation Strippers

This product is built in a way that it can be used for all the current cable, cross-section and insulating materials. It can be used for 0.2 up to 6.9mm2 cables, single, multiple and beautiful.

Auto adjustment according to cable cross-section, helps to save from damage to the conductors.

Length can be adjustable from 6 to 18 mm for effective work. Can cut wire of copper and aluminium up to 2.5mm2

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  • Handy in use
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Auto adjustment for cable cross-section


  • Poor quality
  • Expensive

10. Jonard JIC-375 Stripper

This product is built for versatile use, as it is three whole fibre optic strippers and works perfectly for stripping operations, this design also has a safety lock that helps to quickly and conveniently store it when not in use.

It is a very durable product as it is built with high-quality carbon steel and for handy use, its handle is made thermoplastic rubber that gives it excellent comfort during use.

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  • Three whole fibre optic stripper
  • Safety lock
  • Durable
  • Thermoplastic rubber handle


  • Poor quality control
  • Not durable
  • Poor manufacturing

11. Klein Tools Wire Cutter and Stripper

This product perfect for cuts and strips solid and strand wires, reliable of 8-AWG and standard of 10-22 AWG.

It is built with compound action stripping, has an excellent grip and trips the wire with single-action squeezing motion that it has.

It has stripping holes that can finely and easily remove the insulation, preventing the wire from being damaged. In a single step, it can remove 1inch of the insulation layer.

It has a wire grip that helps to hold the cable. Therefore, it does not retain the cable geometry. Tension loaded wire-grip gently holds the cable while retaining cable geometry.

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  • Cuts solid and standard wire
  • Compound action
  • Easy to use
  • Price effective


  • Not durable
  • Do not have any warranty
  • Poor quality

12. 1019 Klein Kurve Wire Stripper

Kelvin tools 1019 is a perfect and effective wire stripper. It can cut 10-26 AWG of solid wire and 12-28 AWG stranded wire.

Insulated and non-insulated terminals can be crimps of 10-22AWG.

It is crimped b connector and crimps scotchlok IDC connectors. It also is built with a reinforced head that helps to reduce the flex.

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  • Crimps B connector
  • Comes with reinforced head
  • Cuts solid and standard wire
  • Easy to use


  • Poor quality
  • Handles fall apart
  • Not durable at all

13. APLUS+ Coax Cable Crimper

This is a great tool kit, rotary cable stripper is included in it, which has two blades, and they are adjustable and replaceable. It is built with great quality material.

It has compression and crimping tool also in the kit, it is best in pressing and does not damage.

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  • Handy for application
  • Great quality kit
  • Durable
  • Cost-efficient


  • Expensive
  • Cheap connector supply
  • Low-quality compression tool

14. Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper

This product has various size ranges for stripping; it works with stranded, solid and speaker wires perfectly. It is built with high quality and durable material.

Designed with automatically adjustable stripping pliers according to the volume of cable.

It can be used by wireman, electrician, repairs of machine and many more.

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  • Adjustable stripping pliers
  • Works with speaker wires also
  • Easy to use


  • Cheap quality
  • Does not work evenly
  • Expensive

15. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

This product is of industrial grade automatic wire stripper to scrap the wires; it can be used to strip all sizes of wire, the size of 18 gauge wire to 250 mcm.

It is built with top quality and grade material; it is made and assembled in North America. It is made with Romez slot which helps to save time about 33%.

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  • Industrial grade
  • Extra blade
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Great quality


  • Very costly
  • No instruction book
  • Difficult to use

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to strip wire?

To strip a wire, you need to have the best wire stripping tool.

If you are looking for basic wires to strip, then choose a budget-friendly wire stripping tool.

How do you strip Romex wire?

Stripping a Romex wire can be challenging if the right technique is not used. The fastest way to strip it is by using a gauged stripper or a ripper.

When using a gauged stripper, find the correct gap and slide the tool to push the jacket right through.

While with a ripper, you can slice the jacket with a sharp blade.

How do you strip wire without tools?

If you don’t want to invest in a wire stripper, you would still need to collect a few items to strip wire.

The items are a sharp knife, scissors, marker and, good lights. With these items in hand, you can strip a wire while using a proper technique.

However, a wire stripping tool is highly recommended.

Is it worth stripping copper wire for scrap?

Copper wire stripping process requires a lot of time and will also require the right set of tools. If you are not using the right tools, then it can be a dangerous process.

However, the return on scrap depends on the amount of scrap you are able to collect and the quality of the recovery process.

What is the fastest way to strip copper wire?

The fastest and safest way to strip copper wire is to use the proper wire stripping tool. Also, it depends on the number of wires that you need to strip.

If you need to strip a few pounds of wire, then you should use a razor or handheld tool.

If the quantity is higher, then you should opt for a tabletop or electric wire stripper as the fastest way to strip copper wire.

How do you strip multi-conductor wire?

For a multi-conductor wire, you will need the right wire stripping tool and a knife. You can slit the jacket with the knife and peel it off.

The further steps should be taken with the correct trick and a right multi-purpose stripping tool.

Should I strip copper wire before scrapping?

The answer to this mostly depends on personal opinion, level of skill and, time that one has.

Stripping wire is a time-consuming process, but if done correctly, it can have monetary benefits.

If you have a lot of time and the wire is not as complex, then you should go for the stripping option.

Do you have to strip copper wire before recycling?

It depends on your personal preference and availability of time.

Stripped copper wire for recycling is always a better option as it is going have a much higher value but will require technique, the right tools and a lot of time.

Can you burn copper wire to strip it?

Yes, you can burn copper wire, but it is highly not recommended.

Burning copper wire to strip is very dangerous. There are other safe methods to strip copper wire with ease.


Buying the right wire stripping tool is important, and this is why we have reviewed the top fifteen tools, along with a buyers guide that will aid you in your decision-making process.

We hope that you make the right purchase that suits your requirements.

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