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Are you looking for some good work gloves?

best work gloves for electricians

As simple as the product may seem on the outside, the choice can become really difficult because you need to consider the options that are affordable, safe, and durable all in one.

Therefore, if you are going through this ordeal, follow along to find out about some of the best work gloves for electricians available in the market.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you move on to choosing a product, here are a few things that you should consider.


Durability is a key aspect that needs to be considered before investing in any product.

With work gloves, you need to be careful in this regard because they tend to wear out fairly quickly if they are misused or if you do not get them from an accredited seller so do not compromise on durability.  


You need to make sure that the work gloves that you are choosing will ensure your safety under any circumstances.

Whether they are good as standalone gloves or if you need another pair to be worn over them, this is something that needs to be considered.


Now onto the cost, make sure that the work gloves you set your mind on do not break the bank.

The cost has to be proportional to the features; otherwise, you will find yourself being ripped off for no reason.

Top 15 Work Gloves For Electricians Reviews

Now let’s move on the reviews, where you can review product features, advantages, as well as the disadvantages in a lot more depth.

These will help you reach a decision fairly quickly.

1. Echodo 12KV Safety Electrical Gloves

The Echodo 12KV safety gloves have made it to the very top of this, which certainly sets them a cut above the rest.

With their natural rubber material, they are bound to be safe as well as durable in the long run. The Echodo gloves are a one-size fit all design, so you don’t have to worry about getting different sizes.

The working voltage is both reasonable and guarantees total safety while on the job.

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  • Made of all-natural rubber
  • Durable and guaranteed safety while working
  • One-size fits all design


  • Rubber smell upon initial use but that goes away
  • Working voltage cannot exceed 4.5 KV

2. Magid Safety M011B9 Electrical Gloves

The Magid Safety electrical gloves are insulating latex gloves designed specifically for electrical work whether it is on the line, in the field, high voltage operations as well as various industrial applications.

The material is more elastic than your standard vinyl or Nitrile gloves. The gloves are, of course, nonconductive.

All in all, the gloves are geared a bit more for commercial usage as compared to at-home use.

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  • Designed by keeping numerous commercial usages in mind
  • More flexible than vinyl/Nitrile gloves
  • Nonconductive and completely safe to use


  • Cater more towards commercial use
  • The standard design may be uncomfortable to wear for some workers

3. DmsBang 12KV Electrical Gloves

The DmsBang is another one of your standard insulating electrical gloves.

Made almost entirely of rubber, they are both lightweight and durable, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them wearing out any time soon.

The size and design are such that it can fit most people on average. While the maximum working voltage of the gloves in about 12kV as the title claims.

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  • Made of pure rubber
  • Lightweight as well as durable
  • One size fits all design and wearability


  • Limited to small scale electrical work
  • Limited applications in the commercial/industrial sector

4. SAS Safety 6468 Electice Gloves

The SAS Safety leather work gloves are slightly different in terms of building material as well as design.

For starters, they are made from goatskin leather instead of the standard rubber. This little add-on is supposed to prolong the durability of any standard pair of electrical gloves.

The size is a little bigger so that they can even be worn over SAS’s electrical service gloves as well for added protection.

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  • An added layer of goatskin on top
  • Larger size
  • Compliant with ASTM standards


  • Working voltage not specified
  • Gloves may be slightly bulky

5. OTC 3991 Electric Safety Gloves

You have probably seen these OTC 3991 – 12 electrical safety gloves in practical use by your local electrician many times.

The hybrid nature of these gloves sets them apart by adding an extra layer of protection for electricians working on high voltage lines.

There is an outer layer of leather covering as well, while the glove itself is quite flexible as well.

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  • Hybrid material for extra safety
  • The outer layer of leather for extra protection
  • Flexible; easy to work with


  • Working voltage not specified
  • Need to be tested fairly often 

6. XSHIELD 17-PMG Safety Gloves

The XSHEILD electrical gloves come with an added layer of protection owing to the Nitrile coating atop the gloves.

This provides the gloves with a good grip as well, while ensuring that there is minimum friction or abrasion in the process.

The gloves are also water-resistant and airy so that your hands do not get clammy while you are working.

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  • Nitrile coating for extra protection and durability
  • Resistance to abrasions/friction
  • Good grip and water-resistant


  • Working voltage not specified
  • Slightly heavier than standard work gloves

7. Ansell 113784 Rubber Insulating Gloves

The Ansell insulating gloves are made from a 100% natural rubber and are particularly lightweight as compared to most of the work gloves on this list.

The rubber itself is black rubber that does wonders for the durability of the gloves.

The glove is chlorinated, so it is comfortable to wear while the outer surface has a smooth finish that reduces friction and the risk of abrasions.

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  • Made from pure and natural black rubber
  • Lightweight and durable with smooth outer finish
  • Chlorinated for comfort while working


  • Does not have one-size-fits-all capabilities
  • Only insulates against low voltage currents

8. Lineman Work Glove 40082

For starters, the Lineman work gloves are exceptionally aesthetically pleasing to look at. They are made from a blend of different materials, with the main one being leather.

There are cuffs along the wrist area for better fitting and vents on the side for breathability.

The leather on the palm/fingers areas is also reinforced for a better grip.

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  • Good fit owing to the leather reinforcing
  • Breathability due to the side vents
  • Provides a good grip while working


  • Working voltage not specified
  • May not be as flexible to work with

9. Salisbury Insulated Glove Kit

The Salisbury Insulated Glove Kit is in a league of its own because you are getting so much more than just a pair of gloves.

Along with a pair of gloves, you also get a few add-ons. For instance, there is another pair of gloves to use as extra protection while working on high voltage lines.

These too are made of pure rubber and are therefore fairly durable to work with.

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  • Made of natural rubber for durability
  • Includes another pair of gloves for extra layering and safety
  • Lightweight


  • Working voltage not specified
  • May wear out after a short period of time

10. ESA Supplies Insulated Gloves

The ESA Supplies insulated gloves another one of your standard work gloves for electricians. The size and design itself are such that it is supposed to fit any average person.

The material itself is of course rubber which speaks for the durability for the gloves.

In the beginning, you may have to deal with the rubber smell, but that should go away with time.

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  • Made of natural rubber; durable
  • Lightweight
  • One-size fits all


  • Working voltage is fairly low
  • Cannot work with electrical equipment directly
  • May wear out in lieu of high voltage work

11. 3M Nitrile Gloves for Electrical

As evident by the name, these electrical gloves are made purely from nylon with a Nitrile Foam coating on top that makes for added durability.

Another good thing about these gloves in that they you get two pairs in the same package.

Therefore, if one wears out, you do not have to rush to find a replacement because you can use the other one.

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  • Pure nylon material with Nitrile foam coating
  • Lightweight; easy to work with
  • Outer coating for an added layer of safety and durability


  • Working voltage not specified
  • Not suited for heavy/high voltage work

12. National Safety Apparel Class 2 Insulating Glove

With the National Safety Apparel safety glove kit, you also get multiple products that you can put to good use.

The leather gloves have an added layer of protection, and the kit comes with a glove bag for ease of storage.

The gloves are available are multiple sizes; therefore, you should not have too much trouble finding your best fit, and working voltage are also significantly better.

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  • Leather gloves with extra outer covering for durability
  • Glove bag included for easy storage
  • A good range for working voltage


  • Gloves may not be particularly flexible
  • Need to be worn with leather protectors

13. Electricians Gloves Large Klein Tools

There is not much to go by the title here but hear us out because these Klein work gloves can certainly get the job done just as well.

For starters, they are made from a different blend of materials including synthetic leather, and neoprene, etc.

There is added reinforcement on the fingers and palm area so as to provide a better grip while working.

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  • Breathable material and comfortable to work with
  • Made from a blend of materials for durability
  • Reinforcement on the fingers/palms for better grip


  • Working voltage not specified
  • Only available in two sizes

14. Magid PowerMaster Insulating Glove

The Magid PowerMaster Leather Linesman protector glove is designed as more of an outer covering for some standard work gloves as opposed to a standalone product.

The main purpose of these gloves is to extend the durability of the original pair of gloves.

They are made of goatskin leather such that they are flexible, and a good fit for the average wearer.

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  • Goatskin leather covering for durability
  • Comfortable to wear; good grip on the hands and wrist
  • Offer flexibility while working


  • Working voltage may be low
  • Cannot be used as standalone work gloves

15. Magid 12” High Voltage Leather Protector Gloves

The Magid 12” protector gloves are made of thick leather that accounts for most of its durability.

There are straps along with palm area to reinforce the area and provide a better grip while working.

These cannot be used as a standalone pair of electrical gloves, but rather as an outer layer of protection over standard working electrical gloves.

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  • Thick leather material for durability and protection
  • Better grip owing to straps around palms


  • Cannot be used as a standalone pair of work gloves
  • Independent working voltage is low

Frequently Asked Questions

Can gloves protect from electric shock?

Yes, electrically insulated gloves can protect from electric shock. However, in some cases, they have to be paired with leather protectors as well.

Do electricians wear rubber gloves?

Yes, electricians are required to wear electrically nonconductive and insulated gloves with protectors while working on high voltage lines.

What type of gloves will protect you from electric shock?

Electrically insulated rubber gloves protect you from electric shock, which is why they are worn by electricians while on the job.  

Are Nitrile gloves safe for electricity?

On their own, Nitrile gloves are not safe enough for electrical. Therefore, you may want to choose some other gloves or get glove protectors for these.

Will touching a power line kill you?

Power lines are very high voltage wires; therefore, it is best to avoid contact with them if possible.

For work purpose, ensure that you have all the protective gear.

Why is it a good idea for electricians to wear rubber gloves?

Rubber is a very good insulator for electricity. This is why, most protective gear designed for electricians is made of rubber i.e., gloves, suits, and shoes.

Are vinyl gloves conductive?

No, vinyl as a material is completely nonconductive. Therefore vinyl is a common material used for electrically insulated work gloves for electricians.

Do latex gloves conduct electricity?

No, latex does not conduct electricity. This is why latex is a common material for making work gloves for electricians.

What kind of gloves should be worn over electrical insulating rubber gloves?

For starters, leather protectors can be worn over insulating rubber gloves.

Or there are goatskin leather gloves that can be worn over for further protection.

How are electrical gloves rated?

Typically, a pair of electrical gloves are rated on the amount of working voltage that they withstand while on the job and the voltage protection they offer.

How long are high voltage gloves good for?

High voltage gloves can last anywhere from six to twelve months.

However, it is recommended that you get them tested frequently to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Why should an electrician use rubber gloves while repairing an electric switch?

While repairing an electric switch, an electrician is bound to come across at least a few live wires.

Therefore, wearing rubber gloves prevents the risk of electrical shock.

Does rubber absorb electricity?

Rubber does not absorb electricity; rather, it blocks electric current from moving through a certain body or object owing to its insulating and nonconductive properties.

Why can birds sit on power lines and not humans?

To put it, birds have hollow bones making it so that they are not good conductors of electricity which prevents them from getting shocked.

As for humans, owing to the bone density and muscle mass, they are good conductors of electricity, which is why sitting on a power line could prove lethal.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the best work gloves for electricians.

We hope these reviews have made a choice easier for you, best of luck!

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