8 Best Effective Methods To Boost Engine Power

As a car owner, it is extremely imperative that you follow up on proper maintenance and servicing of your car.

Boost Engine Power

Here are the top eight tips and tricks that you can use to upgrade your car and boost engine power to make it the sanctuary that you deserve!

  1. Diesel Injector Cleanser

Most cars nowadays are designed and assembled such that they are more fuel efficient and use cleaner burning fuels that produce far less pollution.

To reap the full benefits of these upgrades, diesel injectors are installed in cars so that engines produce more power and cause fewer emissions.

Now a diesel injector that is clogged and/or stuck can cause more harm, i.e., resulting in more emissions and decreased fuel efficiency.

You can prevent this by having a diesel injector cleaner and use it to clean your injector regularly thoroughly.

  1. Using Cold Air Intake (CAI)

The cold air intake is perhaps one of the most easily accessible ways to increase engine power.

It is a tool that can be assembled manually using aftermarket parts and can be fitted into your car bonnet.

It works by cooling and condensing the air that is pulled in while the car is on the move and this cold air reacts with the fuel to produce more horsepower.

Therefore to put it just, the more air that the CAI draws in, the less fuel and energy is needed by your car, hence making it significantly more efficient.

  1. Test Piping Exhaust and Induction System

It is no secret that every car needs an efficient exhaust mechanics, so get rid of your standard factory exhaust and install a test piping exhaust, also known as the cat-back exhaust system cat-back exhaust system.

This in addition to a high functioning catalytic converter will produce more torque and engine power by increasing airflow and making more room for fuel and air by getting rid of excess/pollutant emissions.

Moreover, you can invest in a forced induction system but upgrading your car with a turbo or supercharger.

Much like the cat-back exhaust, this also works to increase airflow and allows the entry of more air into the engine compartment.

If this is something that you are interested in then you can look up the following options that are out there on the market, to decide the one that suits you best:

  • Twin screw supercharger
  • Centrifugal supercharger
  • Root supercharger
  1. “Reflashing.”

If you have already invested in a turbocharger, then you can follow it up with this option. It involves enhancing the engine power using a programmer.

This can lead to good fuel efficiency and significantly greater horsepower.

The installation process is a little tricky, and on the pricier side, therefore it would be wise to contact and consult a mechanic before you jump on this bandwagon!

  1. Water Injecting System

Another accessory that goes well with a supercharger is an injecting water system; it works by reducing engine holdups and carbon deposits in the engine blocks and results in increased gas mileage and efficiency.

  1. Invest In The Right Kind Of Tuning

Regular tune-ups and servicing include checking up on any all wires and spark plugs to ensure that work at their optimal efficiency.

This plays a crucial role in increasing and maintaining your engine power; you can also invest in all new and upgraded spark plugs to keep up with changing models and technologies.

  1. Invest In The Right Kind Of Gas

If you already are a proud owner of a sleek and expensive car, then there is no point in being conservative in fuel and gas.

Low-quality octane gas can direly affect your engine power by combusting fuel at a severely less efficient rate; therefore ensure that you are using the absolute best that is available on the market!

  1. Reduce The Weight

Last but perhaps the most important tip of all is reducing the overall weight of your car.

You can do this by replacing regular tires with lighter models and swapping out glass windows with acrylic ones.

You’ll be surprised with how much of a difference this will make!


Now that you know everything you need to know to make haste and apply all these techniques to your car to boost engine power to the fullest!

You’ll certainly adore your car drive after deploying these little tricks on your car.

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