8 Car Cleaning Essentials You Should Always Keep in Your Car

Your car has been one of the most important investments you ever made. It is only essential that you put the bare necessary effort into its maintenance, too, especially when it comes to cleaning.

car cleaning essentials

In the market, you will encounter tons of products that claim that they are suitable for your car.

However, they are a major rip off. You must know that owning a basic set of cleaning supplies and keeping them inside your car at all times is just enough.

So here are the car cleaning essentials that are a must-have if you own a car:

1. Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is the most multi-functional essential that you can keep in your car.

Caught a spill? Microfiber cloth is there for you. Dust spots on the seats? Grab the microfiber cloth. A bird loosened its load on the windshield? Microfiber cloth it is. Kids won’t stay quiet?

Stuff the microfiber cloth in their mouth. No, but don’t try the last one, you’ll get me arrested.

In a nutshell, a microfiber cloth can absorb liquids very well. So if you have one, you can clean your car a lot faster than regular cloth.

Moreover, it is really soft, so you will not have to worry about scratches at all.

2. Trash Can

Snacks taste different in a car, for some reason. They taste better. And oh how joyful it is just to roll your window down and throw the remains out the window.

Nothing can be more peaceful than the feeling of not having to deal with your trash. But no. They shall not bring such disgrace upon this earth.

Earth is quite messed up already. If you don’t wanna mess it up, even more, bring a trash can along inside your car wherever you go.

This way, you will be able to hold the garbage in a decent manner till you come back home and dispose of it for real.

3. Dust Cleaner

We all know we are busy beings. Busy is a part of being human. But why should you compromise on the cleanliness of your car just because of lack of time?

Personally, I would never like to take my car out on the road while it is still coated with inches of dust from last night.

If you have the same preferences as I do, you must own a dust cleaner at all times. Forget the mess created by water. Just brush the dust off of your car every day, and you will be good to go.

4. Drying Cloth

Even though it isn’t as good as a microfiber cloth, a drying towel is good too. It will be able to handle minor tasks.

You may not be able to clean your entire car with it, but you can deal with minor specs and spills inside the car.

And trust me, if your microfiber cloth runs out of juice, your drying fiber will serve as a decent replacement and/or backup.

5. Glass Cleaner

You can’t go anywhere with stained windshields! You’ll be signing up for major disasters that way.

Whether it is rain, or dust, or both, you can’t just wipe it off and call it a day. Some stained require tougher cleaning.

And as we have already established, you and I both do not have enough time to grab a cloth and keep rubbing one stained spot over and over again, making ourselves look like absolute fools.

The best solution, you ask me? Is to get a magic potion. And by that, I mean a glass cleaner.

It will let you achieve crystal clear glass and mirrors with one wipe of a microfiber cloth.

6. Wd 40

If a stain is too nasty and will not go away, no matter how hard you are trying, you need a wd 40.

Make your squeaky car parts shut up with this handy lubricator. Working like magic, this product, single-handedly, extends the lifestyle of any part that it is sprayed on.

Not just that, it will help you bid farewell to tough sticker marks or glue residues, any stain that is a pain in the neck.

Make sure it doesn’t stay on the surface for long, though; it’ll take the paint with it.

7. Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner that you have inside your house can’t definitely be used on your finesse car covers. First of all, good luck getting the huge thing in the corners. That isn’t happening.

Your car seats have all kinds of debris stuck to them, like crumbs, skin flakes, pet hair, human hair, dust particles, and whatnot.

Your car seats will need consistent cleaning. So you need to buy yourself a vacuum cleaner that is just the right size for your car.

The vacuum cleaners designed for cars are compact, and they can be placed inside the boot after you are done cleaning your seats.

Since the vacuum is compatible with your car’s power outlet, no need to worry about plugging it in either.

8. Lint Roller

And in case you are not in the mood for all the hassle with the vacuum and power and the noise and stuff of that sort, just get yourself a lint roller.

It is appropriate for quick touch-ups before you proceed to head into the day. Good enough for the days you are running late.


The above-mentioned car cleaning essentials are compact in nature and can be stored in your trunk or under the car seat quite easily.

So whenever you go or travel to, your vehicle would always outshine the other cars around it.

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