Top 15 Essential Tools For Electricians

Like warriors need a weapon, for what they do and for their safety. Tools work exactly like a weapon for the technical person.

Essential Tools For Electricians

An electrician who illuminates our house, brighten it up and connects, on which our safety to our air conditioning system relies.

So they need tools to do all the wonders, for their safety, or comfort or to make tasks less stressful.

If you are a professional electrician or just buying tools for your house use, choosing your tools wisely matters, it will help you in the long term.

So here are some essential tools for electrician which can be the part of their toolkit:

  1. Pliers

Cutting and manipulating wires is what the electricians do daily, and pliers play an important role in making them this task easier and safer.

Electrician usually has lined up pliers in their belts; they keep them always.

The most commonly used types of pliers are needle nose and reaming pliers and side cutting pliers.

  1. Multimeter

Checking voltage, current, and resistance in some wiring is the base of every repair in the life of an electrician. A multimeter helps in all of the required parts.

It can give you reading about voltage or current or even the resistance, so it gets easier for the electrician to find the fault in the wiring just by getting the reading.

  1. Voltage Tester

All the electricity-related work requires a lot of cautiousness, and the electrical work cannot be done with the power of not being completely off.

It is better for own security and efficiency of the work to check the power supply before and after the work, for that purpose voltage tester helps a lot.

It gives the ease of checking the electricity supply without any harm. And the electrician even checks the voltage supply after working for the house owners.

  1. Stripping Tool

Electrician professional use stripping tool in their daily bases and different types of striping tools are available in the market, some are simple ones, but some are the upgraded.

It also comes in a combination form, in which it not only have the stripping function but also plier tip, blade for wire cutting.

The self-striping tool is also available, which removes the insulation with the compound action, al you have to do is grip, strip and remove.

  1. Channel Locks

These type of plier are named after the company who manufactured it. They are used to grab and pinch things, high carbon steel made channel locks give a strong grip.

The size of the lock is adjustable and can be easily set by moving the jaws and locking it on your required place.

  1. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are another best friend for an electrician; they keep it with them to remove the cover plates or the switchboard. It helps them with all the nuts and screws, in their way.

Many types of screwdrivers are available in the market such as magnetic screwdrivers, electronic screwdrivers, multi-tip screwdriver, and pocket clip screwdrivers.

If you are not even an electrician or just a beginner, this tool is still essential for your kit.

  1. Claw Hammer

Electrician’s hammer looks like an ordinary hammer, which usually carpenters use. But it does have some difference then rest of the hammers.

They have a longer nose and have straight claws then rest of the hammers.

Well, insulated handles protect the electrician from the electric shocks. These features make the hammer suitable for electricians.

  1. Fish Tape

Installing a wiring system or rerouting the wires through the walls or the PVC conduit requires a lot of effort and to make that part easy and resilient, electrician chooses fish tape, it comes in retractable coil and is passes through the conduit.

When the fish tape comes out of the other end, the wire can be attached to the tape and the retractable coil can stretch it back which pulls the wire along with it.

  1. Tape Measure

Measurement is necessary for all the technical work, especially in construction work. So a tape measure is an essential tool for professionals as well as the beginners.

Nobody can work without measuring. The tape measure comes in retractable coil, and it can be bend easily, making it a useful tool if you have to measure from one wall to other.

Measuring the length of the light fixtures or the outlet and the height of switches, everything requires a tape measure.

  1. Hammer

Hammer is a basic tool that can be needed for hitting the nail or to pull them out. It is not specified with the electrical work but is an essential part of electrician toolkit.

Claw is the best type of hammer an electrician can have for the toolkit.

  1. Level

When professionals work, they work with all the sincerity and put all of there effort, and excellent work comes out when the things set well, for that the electricians use the level.

It is light in weight and 6” in size which is appropriate to put it in a pouch.

It is used to level the switches installed and the outer covering of the wires. Just make sure to test the level of the “Level.” You can test it by judging the position of the bubble.

Place the level on the flat surface and check the position o the bubble. If it is not clear then flip the level and check whether the position of the bubble is still the same.

  1. Wire Strippers

Professional electrician often has to strip the upper coating of the wire to make it in a customized manner or to repair the rest of the wire.

For that purpose wire stripper help in getting this job done, neat and clean.

They come in different sizes and style; the most efficient one comes with the handles designed in that manner which requires less force and different types of teeth with a cutoff position.

  1. Flashlight

Electricity works revolve around in a bad lightning area. Because during work the electricity supply is stopped to avoid any inconvenience.

And the construction site may not have a proper setup for lightening, making the environment dull. And electrician cannot work in low light.

So if you ask for a professional electrician, he won’t forget to bring the flashlight with him, just to avoid the problem related to lightning.

  1. Utility Knife

The electrician might not feel the need of a knife in every work, but it is essential which can be used to cut the non-metallic parts of the wire.

It can be used for many other purposes like giving shapes to the covering, tape or cardboard boxes.

If you are using it for your house, then make sure to keep them away from kids. It can be dangerous.

  1. Wire Crimpers

An electrical issue is often generated by the poor voltage or connection at some point of the wire.

Wire crimper helps to repair the poor connection by crimp lugs or terminals in the wire.

If you are using a good quality wire crimper will ensure you the long-lasting seal.


These are the essential tools which the electrician toolkit must have. It can certainly make professional life a lot easy and hassle-free for any electrician.

As homeowners, we might want to keep a few of these tools for our DIY projects or repairs as well.

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