17 Tools You Need to Maintain and Fix Your UTV

Your UTV takes its fair share of beatings, whether you use it for off-road adventures or hard work.

Maintain and Fix Your UTV

Hitting the trails or preparing for a long day of strenuous chores means your utility vehicle must be in perfect shape and run smoothly.

The last thing you need is a malfunction of any kind, as the smallest of issues can lead to accidents and costly damages.

Even if your UTV comes with seatbelts and cages to keep you safe, even if it rolls over, maintenance and fixing are vital aspects of your life as a UTV owner and operator.

For complex repairs, you should take the vehicle to its branded service, of course. But for daily maintenance and small fixes, all you need are the proper tools.

Essential Tools to Repair Your UTV at Home (and Off-Road)

A UTV is not the primary vehicle of any household. One reason is that you need to comply with plenty of state laws and regulations to take a UTV down on the street.

What we say is that you probably had a truck or car before you got a side-by-side to use it for fishing, hunting, farming, camping, off-road trailing, and other activities.

So, you probably already have the essential tools to fix your car. It is a great start, mainly because you probably know how to use them.

You will see plenty of tools that you can use to fix your UTV and your primary vehicle on the list below.

However, since most side-by-side models feature some inconsistencies when it comes to sockets and bolts’ sizes, measurements, and standards, you should start your quest of finding the best garage tools or clutch tools at a specialized UTV store.

It would serve you best to have professional assistance when it comes to buying the most commonly used sockets and wrenches for your UTV make and model, be it a Can-Am or a Honda Talon.

So, without further ado, let’s see five critical tools you should have around to fix your UTV!

1. Air Compressor

If you don’t own one already in your garage/workshop, get one for UTV maintenance. Don’t think it can only help you inflate your tires.

You can use an air compressor to dry off parts after washing them, blow out fuel lines, etc. It may be quite a steep investment, but it is worth it.

After rock crawling, mud puddling, or carrying 1,000lbs of cargo on your UTV, the tires need all the help you can give them.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge

If you have a car and a UTV – or just one of the two – you have no excuse to skip buying a tire pressure gauge.

You can have one at home and one in the UTV for emergencies. It is a tool that maintains your side-by-side in good shape and can save your life.

3. Tire Plug Kit

We are still in the tire department, so it is time to discuss tire plug kits. The consensus is that you should have a UTV tire repair kit inside the UTV and a spare one at home.

UTV use and flat tires go hand in hand. When you think about the trails and terrain types that you ride the vehicle on, you know flats are accidents waiting to happen.

Consider a UTV tire repair kit with plugs, patches, and sealers is an investment in your quality of life, safety, and budget.

4. Electric Impact Wrench

You will find quality impact wrenches with almost any tool manufacturer you can think of, so pick a product meeting your needs and budget the best.

If you need one on the road, consider a cordless impact wrench that already fits the batteries you have.

5. Solid Wrenches

When you have a UTV, an ATV, a motorbike, a car, or even a bicycle, you know how things work: the moment you need a wrench of a particular size, you cannot find it. Since nuts and bolts are the elements keeping your UTV together, investing in a quality wrench set saves you from stress and troubles.

Make sure you pick the proper wrench measurement standard, however. While most cars use metric bolts and nuts, your UTV may not.

It all depends on the manufacturer. Wrenches are a wise idea because they come in many types and functions and can help you with various projects around the house.

Now that we saw the five essential tools that you should have at home and with you for fixing and maintaining your side-by-side, let’s go together through a quick roundup of tools you have (or should use) to mend your UTV, ATV, and even car.

Tool Roundup for UTV Fixes

Do you have these tools in your inventory? You should check your workbench or garage and see what else you need to keep your UTV or other vehicles in perfect shape.

  1. Socket sets
  2. Allen wrench
  3. Ratchet wrench
  4. Spark plug wrench
  5. Torque wrench
  6. Screwdrivers
  7. Breaker bar
  8. Dead blow mallet
  9. Penlight
  10. Electrical tester light
  11. Tire irons
  12. Pliers

You may have plenty of these tools already, but investing in quality ones does not hurt. Keep in mind to check your UTV clutch kit for UTV parts.

Maybe you need a new CVT tool or a belt-changing tool. In any case, keeping parts, tools, repair kits, and UTV accessories at home and in the UTV saves you service money and keeps you safe.

Of course, you should know how to fix some specific side-by-side issues, but that is a discussion for another time.

Final Thoughts

The best source of UTV tools is a specialized UTV store. They usually sell manufacturer-approved kits and accessories.

You will most likely have to perform the most repairs on the road and less in the comfort of your garage or workshop. In other words, you should be ready for anything, no matter how resilient a beast your UTV is.

Do you maintain your side-by-side at home, or do you always take it to the pro shop? What tools do you usually use when fixing your vehicles? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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