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An automatic switch that saves your home from hazards caused by electricity. Yes, I am talking about circuit breakers.

How Long Does A Circuit Breaker Last

These switches play a great role in saving your home appliances from the impact of a short circuit.

But there arises a question of how long they can last?

Circuit breakers will serve your circuit forever without failing you if things do not go wrong.

They can have a lifetime consisting of decades. But there are various factors which can play their part in reducing this lifetime.

The Lifespan of Circuit Breakers

There is a standard named the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which estimates the expected life of consumer products.

According to them, circuit breakers have 30-40 years of life expectancy.

This value is almost the same for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI), Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), and standard breakers. Some standards say that it is 30 years, which is also a very good lifespan.

If the area you live in has no electricity issues like fluctuating voltages, bad power ratings, etc. Then your circuit breaker will never need a replacement.

But if you are facing these types of issues, then your circuit breaker can cause dysfunction anytime.


Your circuit breaker will throw a signal if it needs to be replaced. You will indirectly get indications, and these can be from your appliances or some other source.

Blinking or flickering lights indicate something wrong with the circuit breaker.

If there is fire or smoke somewhere in the switches or appliances, this can also be an indication

If your appliances are not working efficiently, then instead of changing the appliances, try changing your breaker and see the results.

Also, if your appliances are getting damaged, this is an indication that there is a need to replace the circuit breaker.

If you notice any physical damage around the breaker, then I would say that should replace it.

Thus, it is clear that to avoid these problems, the main electrical issues must be resolved, and after that, good wiring and fine quality breakers should be used.

Increasing Lifespan

The lifespan and performance of the circuit breaker depend on various factors that include switching rates, amp magnitude, regular maintenance, and environmental impacts, etc.

Thus, considering these factors and improving them can increase the lifespan of the circuit breaker.

The fact that a circuit breaker can only handle 80% of the total amperage can even increase the life of the circuit breaker if it is safely used in restricted values.


A circuit breaker is an efficient device in many aspects. If you see its purpose and performance, you will find out that it is of prime importance.

In the meanwhile, this device can serve for a very long time and thus saves your money as well.

If you live in an area where electric current patterns are not steady, then you can use circuit breakers to save your appliances from loss and also protect your house from any electricity-based accident.

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