How To Clean a Grease Gun | Step By Step

Since grease guns are common tools that come in inexpensive, once you buy them, you have to make sure you provide them all the care and maintenance they require to go on for an extended period.

How To Clean a Grease Gun

So, if you don’t already know how to clean a grease gun, make sure to give this article a thorough read, as I will be explaining in a very detailed manner about cleaning a grease gun effectively.

Where To Start?

So, how do you start with the deed? Do you approach the fittings first? Well, I have listed the steps down below; all you have to do is to follow them sequentially.

1. First off, you have to gently remove the old cartridge which previously used to exist in the gun. Make sure you don’t apply more than enough pressure as it can cause damage to your gun.

Different models have different maximum pressures that can be applied before damage being incurred. So, make sure you know your model.

2. Get a thoroughly clean cloth, free from any dirt or debris, and use this to subtly wipe all the dirt and grease off the different parts and the fittings. Make sure you cover all interior parts, externals, as well as nozzles.

3. Get the solution you intend to use to wash the gun. Mix this solution with water to dilute it to the appropriate level. If you don’t know how much dilute the solution needs to be, read the manual on your mixture of choice.

4. Once the solution is ready, use it to wash the gun throughout, all the interior and the exterior parts of it.

5. Don’t leave any part of the gun to rinse, and don’t stop rinsing till you are sure you have gotten rid of all kinds of grease or debris on the gun.

6. When you are done with the rinsing part, leave the gun to dry on a very clean surface, with no dirt around.

Make sure this place is not in the open air, where the environment isn’t much cleaner. Or else, the gun will catch dirt quite quickly again, rendering all your efforts useless.

7. Let the gun dry for at least a day. It can be quicker in some scenarios, but to be on the safer side, I would suggest you leave it untouched for a day without using it.

Always Use a Solution!

No matter what solution you use, never forget to use one! Many people think water alone will be enough to clean the dirt off, but actually, it’s not.

It may seem like it, but the internal parts aren’t fully covered with mere water. So, whatever brand you could get your hands onto, always make sure you’re using a solution.


We have seen how easy it is to clean a grease gun, and it takes under an hour to get done with it.

However, there are some important points to note, such as using a clean cloth, environment, and a good quality solution.

As long as you follow these and the points mentioned, I’m sure you won’t face any problems.

Don’t forget to leave any suggestions below if you want!

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