11 Most Useful Car Accessories That You Actually Need

We’ve all longed for useful car accessories, on the go, at some point or another. Are you looking for that juicy modification to your ride’s interior too?

Most Useful Car Accessories

If you are, then we’ve got you covered!

Both on road trips and those daily commutes, investing in these much-needed additions will go a long way in nurturing the inside of your car.

These 11 most useful car accessories that will make your daily drives just a tad easier!

1. Mono Amplifiers

Gone are the days when you had to fret about your speakers affecting your car’s electrical system. Mono amplifiers will link your dual-channel subwoofers to a single channel.

This linkage will ensure efficient performance, taking that extra heat off of your car’s battery.

When used with subwoofers, it will allow you not only to hear the sound but feel it too!

2. Smart Car Charger

We know what you’re thinking. Of course, you’re going to have a charger in your car! But it’s not just any charger we’re talking about. The smart car chargers can track your vehicles too!

You won’t have to embarrassingly pace back and forth in the parking lot, looking for your car.

Connect your phone to the Bluetooth enabled smart car charger, and you can park your car wherever you want, without any care!

3. Car Smartphone Mount

Most smartphone mounts won’t even require installation. You can attach them to a suitable spot on the inside of a windshield!

No one condones texting and driving, but a lot of times, you need to opt for the GPS as your guide to a new neighborhood.

Having one hand on the phone and the other on the steering wheel is a dangerous venture, and the car smartphone mount will be your best bet to deal with this pickle!

4. An FM-Transmitter

Are you still rocking that ’08 honda with the cranky Cassette player? No need to worry about your stereo limitations.

With the FM transmitter, you can hook your phone or any other Bluetooth device to your car’s speakers and listen to any playlist you desire!

It’s quite easy to install too. Just plug it in the cigarette lighter port and match the frequency to your radio. It’s that simple!

5. Car Battery Jumper and Power Bank

This is a two in one device that you can find almost anywhere online. Not only does it provide battery storage for your phone, but it can jump-start your vehicle too!

However, before that long trip ahead, make sure you charge this bad boy. It’ll need all the additional power it can get to force-start that ailing battery!

6. Heads-Up Display (HUD) Casting Device

The HUD caster is another must-have for those long, tedious drives. A constant lookout for the highway’s speed limit is a pain to deal with when you’ve got hundreds of miles ahead of you.

With the casting device, your phone will connect to your car’s speedometer and the GPS displaying all the info you need right above the steering wheel where it’s mounted!

7. Tire Safety Monitor

The road doesn’t necessarily have to be bumpy for your wheels to give up. No matter how carefully you drive, tire punctures always come as a surprise.

To nip this problem in the bud and to avoid skidding off the tracks, always have a tire safety monitor installed in your vehicle.

It delivers real-time live coverage of your tire’s inflation by showing warning signs and displaying pictograms.

Using this coverage, you can improve your ride’s safety parameter as well as the fuel-economy!

8. Dashboard Cam

A hugely underestimated perk that dashcams provide is an account of all the mishaps you encounter on the road.

It’s mind-numbing to try and convince your insurance dealer what led to that annoying scratch on your bumper.

With the dashcam, you can record everything, everywhere, and let the evidence speak for itself!

On top of that, you can record your favorite moments when you go carpooling with your friends too, without having to worry about capturing them on your phone!

9. Sunglass Visor Clip

You can store your glasses safely and elegantly wherever you want with the Sunglass Visor Clip.

You don’t want to be at the wrong side of your seat as you push your arms elbow-deep between the covers looking for your shades.

With the sun raining down in this record-breaking heat, you’ll want to have your glasses available to you at the tip of your fingers!

Make sure you install it in sight!

10. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the interior of your car clean is just as important as taking it to the car wash every week!

With the car vacuum cleaners, you can pull out those sticky fragments of junk food from the nooks and crannies of your car seats!

Get your hands on one of these if you want to keep the spotless atmosphere of your car intact!

11. Key Locator

Time and again, you may have thought about being able to locate your keys on the radar.

Fortunately, innovations in-car accessories have transformed those thoughts into reality!

You no longer need to search under your pile of laundry for your car keys when you’re already running late. The car key locator mounts on your keys.

It connects to Bluetooth and then your phone and hence allows for easy tracking!

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