Shopping For A New Tonneau Cover? Features To Look For When Upgrading In 2023

Whether you’re shopping for a tonneau cover, cab lights and seat covers, or power running boards, your purchasing decision relies heavily on product features. Here’s a closer look at features to look for when you’re upgrading your tonneau cover in 2022.

Different Types Of Tonneau Covers

First, it makes sense to take stock of all the different cover types available to you. Generally, your choices include the following varieties and combinations of each:

New Tonneau Cover

  • Folding
  • Hard
  • Hinged
  • Painted
  • Retractable
  • Roll-up
  • Soft

What’s the best choice for you? It all depends on the features. When you’re looking for a durable cover that gives you easy access to your cargo and reduces wind drag, a hard folding tonneau cover may be the answer.

If you’re seeking a cover for moving a new sofa or vacation travel, a soft, durable tarp-style cover made of fade-resistant material could be the right choice.

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How Tonneau Covers Make Storage Easier

No matter the tonneau cover type you choose, they have various features that make storage easier. Here’s a short list of valuable storage features and their benefits.

Custom-Fit Products

Most tonneau cover manufacturers make products designed to fit your truck. Whether you drive a 2021 Dodge Ram or a 2001 Ford F-150, you can find the appropriate cover.

A custom-fit cover gives you the best fit possible, providing premium coverage for your cargo.

Additional features such as safety straps give your cover extra security and help to increase sleekness and reduce drag.

Easy Installation and Removal

Whether you plan on using your tonneau cover all the time or as needed, easy installation and removal are essential to most truck owners. Many hard folding covers arrive already assembled, requiring only a few hand tools for installation.

Likewise, lots of soft covers feature clamp or cord systems that let you easily and quickly install them within a few minutes without needing tools.

Integrated Security Systems

Integrated key lock systems give you the option of leaving your truck and knowing your precious cargo is safe from the elements and prying eyes and thieving hands.

Many manufacturers sell covers with integrated key locks for truck rails, letting you lock your cover into any position, and tailgate locks can provide extra security. 

Weather-Resistant Products

From water-resistant covers to those with secure weather or rubber seals, weatherproof features can make all the difference in protecting your cargo.

Hard and soft covers alike offer UV- and fade-resistant panels and finishes that shield your truck’s cargo and bed from the sun’s damaging rays.

Some roll-up covers feature patented tension control systems that automatically adjust the cover to keep it taut in extremely hot and cold temperatures.

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Now that you’ve got the basics of shopping for tonneau covers covered, how about upgrading your rig’s interior with new lighting or a set of Husky floor mats for trucks?

Browse automotive manufacturers’ and retailers’ websites for the accessories that can enhance the look and performance of your truck in 2022.

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