15 Tools Every Electrician Needs

Tools are essential for doing it yourself activities and for commercial uses like carpentry work or your electrical trade. It helps you make things that you need in the future.

Tools Every Electrician Needs

Tools are necessary for an electrician’s daily life to perform their routine tasks and earn their regular income.

Top 15 Tools Every Electrician Needs

The following are the tools that you would need as an electrician to master the art of your profession!

1. Circuit Breaker Finder

Circuit breaker finder is a vital device that helps electricians identify that circuit by using its own two components that are the transmitter and the receiver by simply plugging in the transmitter and catching signals from it through the use of the receiver.

It is handy and straightforward to use. You should try to go after those that are made up of fireproof material to ensure safety and try to get one that is simple and easy to use.

It is more beneficial to those who want to do minor work with such tools as the homeowners who want to do their activities for themselves rather than someone else coming and fixing it for them.

For instance, house stairs, aisle, corridor, bathroom, and garage.

2. Multimeter

Its primary purpose is to calculate voltage, current, resistance, and DC voltage and current. They are available in the market with various features, which makes them classic and more sophisticated.

You should check all features beforehand so you don’t make a wrong choice and waste any penny.

3. Clamp Meters

It is a digital sound level meterto detect the noise volume due to its amazing features. It should have a large LCD backlight display flash. It tells the stable and reliable sound level performance.

It has clear and simple rules to follow, and it is built-in safety features by giving us a warning if the range exceeds.

You should try to ensure and check that its response level is quick, tells us a clear reading, and have a data hold function along with convenience to use at night time; otherwise, it won’t be a cost-effective purchase.

4. Voltage Testers

It is a must device to use wherever electrical work is being done. This is used to ensure safety in your workplace, and there are no voltage problems in a wire.

You can buy non-contact voltage testers as well, which will help detect electricity without any physical touch to the wire even. It tells us by glowing its tips and beeping sound from it.

It continuously self-checks and tests itself to have updated information for customers’ use, and you always know that it is properly functioning.

5. Knife

Knives are an essential tool that every electrician must-have. Try to purchase a knife that is made up of metal, which is very durable and comes in a unique range of colors.

If it has a razor-sharp tip, then it will allow detailed working, but it depends on what kind of what that electrician is supposed to do.

You should buy a knife which carries a blade which will be safe for you. It will always come handy.

It is used to clean rust, and electricians generally use it to scrap the insulator from the cable.

6. Pliers

It is an essential tool that you must check its type and features before making your purchase. It comes in three forms that are side and diagonal cutting, which is used to cut wires into pieces of lengths precisely.

Other is Needle- nose or long nose pliers that should have grasping thin ends, which help reach into small areas and do detailed working.

The third type of a plier is Tongue and Groove, which helps remove knockouts from boxes of metal and tighten clamps.

Make sure handles are comfortable to lift, you have a firm grip, and it opens and closes smoothly without any extra force.

We think that insulator hand gripping pliers are more suitable for electricians to maintain the safety level.

7. Torch

Torches are essential, especially if you are working in dark places, and there are loads of electrical work. It will ensure your safety.

You should try to look for torches whose battery life is very long, like up to 60000, and is quickly charged.

It will be beneficial for electricians to look for torches that can absorb shocks too and have an extraordinary beam light that can up to distant places.

8. Screwdriver

Nothing can be done without screwdrivers. They come in sets where screwdrivers can be of various sizes and in numbers.

The primary purpose of using a screwdriver is to open a screw or tighten it and removing, installing devices.

You should ensure that you have a range of sizes.

9. Hammer

Hammer is an essential tool that every electrician must have because it is essential, especially for those who are working on a construction site. They are also used to remove nails and wood pieces.

You should try to make sure that it has a firm grip to make your purchase cost-effective and can reduce vibrations to make it easy for you.

It comes in many different forms and sizes to match your perceptions.

10. Fish Tape

Fish tapes are used to push and pull wire through conduit. You should make sure it is deployed and retracted whenever required. It should have over-molded hand grips to make it easy to hold.

It should use high durability plastics and rewind mechanism for your betterment if you look up to all these things before going into the market.

11. Tape Measure

It is a handy tool that comes in a wide variety of styles, which gives many options to customers. It is required to measure areas.

You should make sure before buying a tape measure that is more than 25 feet and doesn’t cause shortage problems.

You should also make sure that it is flexible and adjusts with what is being measured and is not stiff.

12. Wrenches

Wrenches also called a spanner, are used for holding nuts and bolts tightly and for loosening them. It is available in different sizes in the market, giving you a wider choice.

You should think of the space and type of work you will do with it.

As it comes in 5 different forms that are Open-end wrench, Combination wrench, Allen wrench, Socket wrench, and Adjustable wrench.

13. Wire Cutter

Wire cutting is one of the basic tasks, and it is an ideal tool to do so. It can be used in many areas like trimming of nails, cutting wires, etc.

If you have more difficult tasks to perform, then you should get top cutters because they are stronger, durable and there are fewer chances of accidents

14. Level

It is essential to check that your work is perpendicular and is level before the customer sees it. It is a straightforward and critical tool, especially for those electricians who are working in a tight place.

You should make sure that it is of 9 inches and has tapered ends to make sure it easily fits into tool belts and tool pouches.

Torpedo level has a high impact frame that is non- conductive and non-corrosive.

It is beneficial for those electricians that are obliged to do heavy-duty tasks, for example, leveling the wall to come in the same position and does’t contain any error in between before handing it over the customers.

It will help to level the level of cement of the wall so that you don’t have to face any problems in the long run like installing cabinets or drawers or hanging a wall having or wallpapers on the wall.

Try to get the metal one rather than going after plastic one so that it is long-lasting relatively.

15. Extension Cord

Its primary function is to power the device on which you are working from the socket because that does‏n’t reach that point.

Every electrician needs to have in their tool kit because there might be extensive usage, and it is necessary to have where you are working; otherwise, you will have to plug in something further away from the workplace, which might disrupt your work.

These cords can come in small sizes for indoor activities and large format for outdoor activities. Size will depend on the type of work you do.


We hope that the tools we have covered would be mostly all what you need when setting up your toolbox.

These brief details about each will help you know what each one of them does and how and when will you need them.

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