What Is Fixd, and Should You Buy It? | Reviews 2023

A car owner and driver only know how difficult and expensive to do maintenance. Diagnosis of car problems in the service center is time-consuming.

What Is Fixd

Here, I will discuss the Fixd obd2 car scanner that can immediately detect the car’s issues.

What Is Fixd? Fixd is a sensor, plugged into the diagnostic system port (OBD-II), and sends the information to the mobile via Bluetooth.

Through OBD, it is easy to know what problems the car has and which components are failing. You can compare the car diagnostic device on the fixd vs bluedriver comparison.

What Is Fixd?

Before explaining What Is Fixd, you should know about the OBD2 port. It is located under the car dashboard.

Fixd is a tool that we could define as a self-diagnosis device designed to reduce the car’s maintenance cost. It works with the car’s obd2 port and sends diagnosis reports on the smartphone app using Bluetooth connectivity.

With the device, I can understand the meaning of the warning lights on the dashboard.

So, I can immediately identify the malfunction and not waste time and money in understanding engine light problems.

When the car is started, it diagnoses the car’s engine condition and alerts if there is any problem. So, I can stay safe from accidents and unusual expenses.

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Which Cars Work With Fixd?

Fixd is compatible with all gas and hybrid models from 2006 onwards, while for petrol ones the year to be considered is from 19996 onwards.

It works with trucks with a total weight of less than 3500 kg from the manufacturing tear 2006 onwards.

Fixd works with all latest vehicles that have an active obd2 port After installing it on the obd2 port, you have to pair it with a smartphone app using a Bluetooth network to get the diagnosis report.

How Does It Work?

The Fixd Works simply. The manufacturer provides customer service to guide you in the installation and for any problems that may arise. Its using process is following:

  • Insert the Fixd into the OBD port carefully because it has 16 pins.
  • Install the Fixd app on the phone.
  • On the app, enter the device identification code and start the synchronization.
  • Now, the scanner is activated and syncs with the phone.
  • Observe the car’s status before going on a trip.

You can use the obd2 scanner in up to 5 vehicles and see the reports separately.

Should You Buy It?

The following features and advantages inspire me to get the Fixd obd2 car scanner. Let’s discover why you should buy it:

  • Continuous monitoring: Having the Fixd device always connected to the OBD port, you will receive all notifications in real-time directly on the smartphone. It works when the car is started.
  • Control from vehicle: You can control each car equipped with a device even remotely via fixd app. It is helpful in case of a sudden breakdown of the car.
  • Maintenance notice: It has an odometer function that alerts when the maintenance period is coming. You can see the kilometers traveled.
  • History of problems: It can trace the problems that the car has had in the past will allow you to understand what the recurring malfunctions for future diagnosis are.
  • Efficient: Most of the mechanics aren’t unusual problems and charge extra money. The device shows the exact problems with solution suggestions. This saves our money from expenses.

Fixd User Reviews

For my part, I find this gadget very practical. Now, I ride with peace of mind knowing that I will never have to relive this bad experience. How could a small device do the job of a mechanic?

To dispel your doubts, I did some research on several sites. I have read dozens of reviews from people using this self-diagnostic tool. Of all of those I have read, I haven’t seen a single negative comment. I share a few with you here to give you an idea.

1. “It’s awesome! While driving one morning to go to work, a yellow light came on on my dashboard. I connected Fixd and it told me it was a fault with the transmission and 1000 dollars had gone. I went to see the mechanic. The price was barely higher than what the app told me. I can fix my car before the real problems start. .”

2. “I have an old Clio that my wife uses to go to work. One day the car started to have problems. 6 months ago, we paid around 1400 dollars because of the yellow light signal on my car dashboard. So, I decided to buy FIXD to find out the condition of my vehicle. It works perfectly. I am happy with my purchase because I have more control over when I have my car repaired. It’s already saved me money.”

3. “It is much more precise than the diagnosis of a mechanic whom you do not understand anything‚Ķ If your car has a lot of kilometers on the odometer, I recommend this device!”

Final Words

To detect car problems instantly, Fixd is the perfect solution. It works through the obd2 port and sends a diagnosis report on the smartphone app.

Fixd can read error codes of the engine and alert maintenance time. Also, it presents mileage and supports up to 5 cars.

On the app, it offers a detailed report with the estimated repair cost of the specific problems. Beginners to professionals can use the OBD2 scanner without any difficulties.

Now, you know What Is Fixd and why you should get it.

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